From what’ll happen in the hospital ward to advice on bringing your newborn home for the first time, our experts at Gurgle are here to support you as you start your journey as a new mum. Be confident you’re caring for your new baby correctly with our tips on breastfeeding, bathing and even sleeping.


How to settle your newborn to sleep

Finding ways to settle your newborn baby to sleep can help you create an early sleeping routine

New research backs breast is best claim

New research backs breast is best claim and shows breast milk to be even better for baby than originally thought

Breastfeeding tips and advice from mums

Two mums chat to us about getting to grips with breastfeeding including advice, tips and practical solutions

Tests and checks for newborn babies

Do you know what an APGAR score is? Read our guide to find out

Eating well whilst breastfeeding

Which foods are good to eat while breastfeeding and what should you avoid?

The 4th trimester: Life with a newborn

Whether you’re a first time mum or not, the more you know the better prepared you can be

Tips & advice for breastfeeding success

Here is your breastfeeding action plan and some sure signs to look out for to know whether it's going well

How to keep your newborn safe in the sun

Protecting your newborn baby's delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays this summer is easy with our quick tips.

I need sleep! Baby bedtime routines

Bedtime routines help get a baby settled and able to sleep well. Get a good sleep routine.

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Ward Life

How to make your hospital stay more fun

Sleep tips for newborns

Shut-eye doesn't have to be a thing of the past for new mums

The truth about breastfeeding

Read our troubleshooting tips on the wonderful world of breastfeeding