10 ways our tots' childhoods differ from ours

10 ways our tots' childhoods differ from ours

How time flies! Warning: this may deliver a heavy dose of nostalgia


1. 1p sweets are a sweet memory. And a Freddo now costs a whole 25p!




2. Back in the days of VHS, each Disney film was just shy of the size of a brick, and if the player decided it was hungry, the contents of Bambi would have to be extracted like spaghetti from the VHS player... Today’s tots have their own tablets.



Photo: Mike Hammerton/Flickr


3. We’ll always remember our childhood princesses fondly – but we especially love the rise of girl power in more recent films




4. Tots are apparently now struggling to recognise real food, prefer chicken nuggets to chicken breast, and don’t know apples have cores.




5. Remember flicking through the Radio Times to find when your favourite shows were on? Peppa Pig, meet Netflix.




6. Today, stylish Instamums’ outfit flatlays dominate our feeds. So why were we decked out in curtains?



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7. The average toddler gets £5 pocket money. What is this sorcery?




8. Weaning options were... rather limited. Goodbye rusks, hello Ella's Kitchen!




9. Our childhoods exist in slowly dust-gathering photo albums that our parents had to physically haul over to each and every relative. Who needs albums when you've got an iPhone?



Photo: Jeff Hitchcock/Flickr


10. Light-up trainers! Oh wait, they are still a thing. Thank Clarks for that.




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