My toddler boy likes wearing dresses, should I be worried?

My toddler boy likes wearing dresses, should I be worried?

Experimenting with clothes can be normal at a young age especially before school age. 

 Toddler boy likes wearing dresses should I worry 1

My four-year-old boy loves wearing dresses and playing with my make-up. At first I thought he just wanted to be like his sister but now he wants to wear them all the time and gets upset if I try to put him in his own clothes. What should I do?

It’s quite likely that your son is just copying the behaviour he sees at home from you and his sister, and at the age of four most children will be trying out different roles, experimenting in lots of ways.

You don’t mention whether he also spends time with other boys; usually once children begin nursery, they quite quickly work out the different expectations and roles involved in being a boy or a girl, and tend to behave accordingly.

If, despite having lots of friends who are boys, he still wants to dress up and you’re really worried, it may be worth asking your health visitor or GP for advice or a referral to a psychologist who’s an expert in these matters, as this is a rather specialist area. However, I suspect they would advocate a ‘wait and see’ approach until he is older.

Eileen Hayes


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