Do the ‘terrible twos’ really exist? How can you get your tot to eat more healthily? Let our Gurgle experts help. From fun ideas to get your little one eating well, to not-so-fun toddler tantrums and how you can deal with them, we’ll even advise you on the best way to introduce your toddler to a new baby.


The realities of toddlerhood today

Pocket money, smartphones – how things have changed since we were that age!

You know you've got a toddler when...

10 telltale signs the gorgeous, gummy creature on the play mat is metamorphosing into a demanding toddler

Prince George crowned perfect playdate by parents

Which celebrity offspring would you want your child hanging out with?

Tips to get the tots into their own bed

How to help your little one feel comfortable sleeping alone in their own bedroom

How many children have their own iPad?

We’re all guilty of using the tablet as a distraction, and more and more children now have their own

Top screen time tips

How to introduce children to technology in a positive and responsible way

Top 10 podcasts for parents and tots

From parenting pointers to fab fairy tales, Adam Martin has the top ten podcasts for you and your little ones

How much should your child eat?

A new portion size guide has all the info you need on how much your child should be eating

How to tell the ultimate bedtime story

What makes an ideal children’s bedtime story – by children and experts

The benefits of dance

Dance teacher Amanda Hughes tells you the benefits of getting little ones busting some moves

Screens taking over children's playtime

Children are spending more time in front of screens than playing outdoors

The future of playgrounds?

This bizarre-looking contraption could be your child’s new best friend in the playground
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Why you never leave your tot and tablet alone together

Parents reveal what their children have bought when they weren’t looking - including a car and a holiday!

LEGO DUPLO launches The Tiny Film Festival

DUPLO launches the second Tiny Film Festival to celebrate the imaginative stories of children under five

Toddler won't sleep through the night?

It’s very common for children to have more sleep problems and start waking up again around this age

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