Sam Faiers: "Giving birth was magical"

Sam Faiers | "Giving birth was magical"

Once the only way was Essex but now, it's all about life with her two Pauls, says the star of The Mummy Diaries

sam faiers interview

Did you always want to be a mum?
We’ve always had young children running around in my family, and my sister Billie and I are used to there being lots of babies around so yes, I’ve always felt maternal. 

Who’s your main parenting influence?
Probably a mixture of my mum, Billie, my nan and my mother-in-law. I have a really great network of strong women around me. Everyone has had children and is very maternal and supportive, so I am really lucky. They all play a different part in inspiring me and me being a mother.

How was your pregnancy?
It was fantastic – everything about it was a breeze. I know, I was really lucky. I actually miss my bump.

Describe the birth in one word...
Extraordinary! You can’t really explain ‘giving birth’, though – it’s the most surreal experience. And although it was painful, I loved it, and I very much look forward to being pregnant and doing the whole thing again. It was just magical.

Did it go according to plan?
No! I planned to have a home birth, but my labour went on for about 26 hours, and after about 18 hours I had to go into hospital because my contractions slowed down. I didn’t have any pain relief, except a bit of gas and air during the last couple of hours. I also had a back-to-back labour, so not the easiest... But as soon as the baby was born and he was in my arms, all the pain went away. No one could believe I’d done it without any real pain relief. I’d done hypnobirthing classes before, and the affirmations and music really calmed me.

Best thing about being a mum?
Everything! The love you have for your baby, you just can’t describe it. It’s unconditional, the minute they are born – you feel unbelievably protective. And seeing them grow – one day he has no teeth, then you wake up and they are coming through. Every stage is enjoyable and although time goes quickly, and you don’t want it to, you find yourself looking forward to the next stage equally as much.

What advice would you give new mums?
After he was born last December, I then hibernated for the whole of January. Everyone says ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ but I just couldn’t do it. I saw it as an opportunity to do things like chores and housework. Now I think – those jobs can wait! Next time I have a baby, I’ll take the time to relax because, even if you can only grab 20 minutes here or there, a quick nap can give you a much-needed boost.

Any embarrassing moments?
He’s had big toilet explosions while we’ve been on planes. It’s not ‘embarrassing’ really, as he’s just a baby and that’s what they do. But I’ve had to sort out the terrible smell and change his clothes, without worrying about what anyone else around me is thinking. It’s just one of those moments for mums that you have to crack on and deal with.

What’s your favourite family-friendly holiday destination?
We went to Dubai when baby Paul was only four months old. He was only little, but there was so much there for children, it’s set up for families. It’s all non-smoking, it feels safe and it’s so spacious, so you can take your pram everywhere. It’s the small things that matter when you travel as a family. It’s not too hot in April, either.

Are you staying home for Christmas?
Yes, it’s important for us to be at home for our baby’s first Christmas. We’ll be at my mum’s for Christmas dinner, and I want to take him to see Santa, go to Winter Wonderland – do all of the ‘at home’ festive stuff – but we’ll be seeing it all through his eyes. Even though he won’t remember it, being so young, it’s still nice for us to do: making memories and taking lots of pictures. Then we’ll go away for New Year. Baby Paul’s birthday is on 29th December and mine is the 31st, so it’ll be a triple celebration.

What would you like baby Paul to get for Christmas?
Maybe a little car – his first electronic car. His cousin, Nellie, has a Range Rover – and a personalised (wooden) motorbike!

Any family Christmas traditions?
Loads! We very much overindulge – we have three different meats on the table. When Billie and I were young, we would leave out a glass of milk, glass of brandy and a mince pie for Santa who would leave a sack of presents at the end of our bed. We’ve always been big ‘Christmas’ people in our family, and my partner Paul and I really want to start making our own family traditions. It’s really important.

What does Paul do better than you?
When baby Paul is poorly, he’s very attentive and looks after him really well.

We hear you’ve been collaborating; what inspired that?
When you’re a first-time mum, time is more precious than ever before, but you still want to look and feel nice. And for me, I still want to feel glamorous, especially when I’m out and about at events and Christmas parties. That’s why I’ve created my range of hair tools with Carmen. They’re so easy to use.

What characteristics would you like to pass on to your son?
To be hardworking and family-orientated.

Check out Sam’s hair styling range, Carmen by Samantha, at carmen-products., available now. She was chatting to Catherine Hudson.



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