Coco Rocha: "There is no 'one way' to be a great parent"

 Coco Rocha: "There is no 'one way' to be a great parent"


The model, charity supporter, and mum of Ioni James Conran, 2, shares her parenting experiences


Coco and Ioni share a precious moment

  • Coco, have you always wanted to be a mum?

  • It wasn't always a major desire to be honest. I grew up as an only child to a single mother and it wasn't until I was dating my husband and we helped babysit a friends child that I saw how cute he was with them. I thought to myself, "This is someone I would love to have children with one day". We waited almost five years and by the time we did get pregnant it was all I could think about.


    Coco and Ioni star in 'Mama Said', the latest GAP and Every Mother Counts campaign, which celebrates the joys of being a mother


    Coco, can you tell us a little about the project?

    From the start my pregnancy I wondered when and if Ioni and I would get to shoot a campaign together. When GAP asked us, how could I say 'no' to such an iconic brand? I really loved the charity component too,  Every Mother Counts is a charity I've supported for many years now so I could not be more pleased they were involved.



    If possible, could you describe birth in just one word?



    What is the best advice you received about being a mum?

    Someone once told me "My best advice to you is to not take anyone's advice". I think that's smart, there is no one way to be a great parent. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa. As long as the child is loved, happy and healthy you're doing just fine.



    What do you like to dress your daughter in?

    I have never been into the 'super pink and frilly' stuff. Generally I dress her in mini versions of what I like to wear. Sometimes its jeans and a leather jacket, other times is a little skirt and blouse. It is so fun dressing a mini-me!


    What’s your perfect family day?

    I love to take Ioni to places like the zoos or museums. The other day I took her to see the dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum in New York. Seeing the world for the first time through her eyes is a real treat for me, everything is new and interesting again.



    What’s an attribute you’d like to pass on to your daughter?

    I hope she always stays kind and treats people with respect. That's something I work very hard at, along with being thankful.


    How has being a mum altered your working life?

    It hasn't really. I'm lucky that I have an unusual job where I get to bring my family with me to work. James, my husband and I work together on all our projects so we have literally spent 24 hours a day together for the last 7 years. Now with Ioni its the three of us together, traveling and enjoying life. That having been said, I think balancing work and family takes constant adjustment though, its not something you can say you've accomplished and move on.


    Do you think mums can use social media in a particularly positive way, to help support each other, perhaps?

    Yes, I think we can all improve in how we support one another. Far too often moms use social media to bring one another down, and especially is that so for celebrity moms, or mothers in the public eye. It would be nice to say that the trend to do that is on the decline, but I don't see that it is.


    Would you like more children?

    It’s definitely something James and I talk about! We feel so lucky to have our healthy baby girl, but the idea of a second is of course intriguing. For now we are 100% content with our little family.


    Interview by Catherine Hudson, style editor at Gurgle


    Gap ‘Mama Said’ is a celebration of the joys and optimism of motherhood co-directed and starring Liv Tyler, in support of Every Mother Counts.

    ‘Mama Said’ supports Every Mother Counts in the effort to make pregnancy and childbirth safer everywhere, encouraging the audience to donate at Every Mother Counts.'Mama Said' showcases the Gap Kids and babyGap collections available to buy in stores and online




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