Sam Faiers talks hypnobirthing, the Mummy Diaries and her MyBabiie launch

Sam Faiers talks hypnobirthing, the Mummy Diaries and her MyBabiie launch

ITVBe's reality star and mum-of-two reveals the design inspiration behind her new pram collection and shares her advice on birthing partners, labour tips and post-pregnancy workouts

sam faiers with baby in buggy for my babiie pushchair launch

Image: Chelsea White. Sand Stripes Stroller, £89.99, Dreamiie by Samantha Faiers,

Since her departure from the hit reality TV show TOWIE, Sam Faiers has ditched the glitz, glamour, drama and 'no carbs before Marbs' attitude for tears and tantrums of a different kind. Now in its third series, the Mummy Diaries documents Sam's journey through the highs and lows of motherhood with baby Paul, 2, and Rosie, 3 months whilst juggling a career. 

We caught up with Sam ahead of the launch of the Dreamiie range of pushchairs which she exclusively designed for MyBabiie. Read on to find out more about the inspiration behind the designs for her new collection, as well as, her birthing experiences, birthing partner advice and tips for post-pregnancy workouts. 

What advice would you give to new mums juggling going back to work and caring for their new babies?

I think some mums that have to go back to work when they've got babies can feel a level of guilt. I think that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself because hundreds and thousands of mums are doing it. 

I'm lucky as I'm in a position where my children can come to work with me, especially when I'm filming and doing photo shoots that include them. There have been times, when baby Paul was getting bigger, when I've done something (work related) and couldn't bring him with me, and I'd feel really guilty and everyone would tell me not to be silly and that I've got to have a bit of time to myself as well. 

What would you recommend as a post pregnancy workout?

These days, I think there is so much pressure on women to snap back and that's not really fair. I think mums should be given at least a year to be able to get their bodies completely back because all you want to do is nurture your baby, you don't want to have to worry about getting back into shape straightaway.

I think it's good to have a balanced diet but you're constantly on your feet when you have babies and children so I feel like that's a form of exercise. When you get into a rhythm and a routine with your children, then you can allow yourself more time to go to gym or workout at home.

I don’t really go to the gym, if I do any kind of workout I’ll do it at home. There’s so much stuff on the internet or Pinterest - there’s so much you can just do now at home!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from having kids?

That nothing is about you anymore, it is literally all about the kids. Your life just completely changes and everything is about them but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

What traits do you think make a great mother?

I just think you have to give your children the time they need and when you do give them that time make sure you're really engaging with them, and that you're spending good qaulity time with them.

Since I’ve had Rosie, I don’t spend nowhere near as much time with baby Paul because she always needs feeding and seeing too. Big Paul sees to baby Paul all the time but I get those moments  - when Rosie might be sleeping - where I will spend real good quality time talking, playing, interacting and cuddling him. 

For me the best trait a mum can have is that when they do get that time with their children, it's real good quality time.

How would you describe your birth experiences – were they different?

My first labour was 26 hours and my second was about 4 hours, so that's two completely different labours. With my first (baby Paul), I had a late labour and my pain was in my back. I had hypobirthing with baby Paul, which wasn’t pain-free but it really helped me to be really calm - I didn’t scream, shout or swear!

My second labour (with Rosie) was amazing, and I’m not just saying that. I had a homebirth it was just so lovely being at home, it was really, really amazing experience.

Would you recommend hypnobirthing?

I would definitely recommend it. For some people, it really works and can help them breathe through the pain. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for me but I was really calm and it did help. Once you’ve pushed out the afterbirth, you feel fine.

Your body is amazing! It just bounces back (after giving birth) in terms of how you feel. When you’ve got that tiny little baby on your chest it’s the best thing, it’s all worth it.      

What golden piece of advice would you give to first time mums about to give birth?

I think you’ve got to choose your birthing partners wisely. I was lucky, I had family but I feel that even if you love that person with all your heart but you know they might irritate you a little bit in the birthing suite you won’t want them there because when you’re in labour everything’s heightened, your senses – everything.

You’ve got to have people around that won’t annoy you. It isn't until you’re in labour that you realise it’s all about how you feel, no one around you can really say come on it’s okay because all you can think is I’m in labour, you’re not.

Where would you recommend going for a babymoon?

I would really recommend the Maldives or Sardina. You’ve got to go somewhere where you can really switch off on holiday because you’re preparing yourself to go into labour and have a baby. Your whole life is going to change, so go on holiday where you know you’re going to chill.

I wouldn’t recommend going to a city. I would definitely do something that was completely relaxing because as soon as the baby comes you don’t really think about yourself - it’s all about them.

What makes your signature range of pushchairs different to others on the market?

I feel like there’s either prams that are really plain and simple or there’s ones that are really funky and out there. I think that the designs I've put together are somewhere in between. I've got premium everyday looks and colours as well as and designs that are funky but subtle - there's something for everyone.

I think the price point is so good that mums might even want to buy one or two, so they could get more of the simple navy stripe or the grey designs and they could go for the zig-zag, snake or leopard print too.

I didn’t want my designs too be over to top, so that’s why a lot of my colours are neutral.


Sam has teamed up with MyBabiie to design a range of stylish strollers and travel systems. Shop the Sam Faiers Dreamiie collection for MyBabiie.


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Make sure you pick up a copy of the May issue of Gurgle where Sam Faiers chats travelling with baby with our Style Editor, Catherine Hudson.



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