Out of this world: Space and stars room

Looking for a bedroom theme that works for boys and girls?

When approached for her top three trends of 2012, Jane Rockett can hardly contain herself. ‘Stars, stars, stars,’ she declares confidently.

twinkle twinkle And stars it is, at online shop Rockett St George, which is stocked to the rafters this season with big vintage ones that lean on walls, star-printed wallpaper, star cushions, star tealights and chairs for you to moon over. Sadly, one piece is missing. ‘I am desperate for a vintage bulb-filled star, similar to the kind you would see at the circus. I saw one in Brighton and can’t stop thinking about it,’ says Jane.

So what is this penchant for stars? Perhaps, at an early age, we have an inkling of where we all come from. We certainly have a desire to know why stars form funny bear, belt and plough shapes in the black curtain beyond. Stars are awe-inspiring. They are worlds apart, planets bursting into flame, light years away. They are comforting. They twinkle at us like the eyes of a naughty granny or a sea bathed in the morning sun.Stars evoke strong feelings for both adult and child. Think Big Top, Hollywood, magic and mysticism. ‘They have an excitement and positivity about them and make everything look great,’ according to Charlotte Day of Dandy Star. ‘We have always loved them, hence our name.’ They are unisex, says Ashlyn Gibson, founder of Islington kids’ store Olive Loves Alfie. ‘Because they are non-gender specific they blur the boundaries between what was traditionally conceived as a boys and girls’ room and give children more freedom to express themselves.’


Constellation fascination

Corina Papadopoulou, owner of Kidsen store, believes our new fascination with constellations is just as much born out of our return to nature, ecology and weather than it is of fashion.

‘Children’s love of space can be satisfied with star designs, encouraging them to learn more about our Solar System, while adding some magic and imagination to their everyday lives,’ says Corina. ‘A star theme in your child’s bedroom will be a big hit.’ 

Fluorescent string wall stickers


space cushion

Rockets away


And who can resist a twinkle coming from planets thousands of light years away? Just a peek at a photo captured by the Hubble space telescope showing a supernova, when a star explodes at the end of its life, is enough to turn the doziest of us into amateur astronomers. Once our minds are set ablaze by quasars, nebulas and black holes, and how our very evolution has come to be tied up in this giant Solar System, even the most square-eyed child gets a buzz out of being part of the galaxy beyond.

Space rocket cushion

rocket copy

Reach for the stars

Be prepared for this season’s star trend to unleash a meteor shower of questions from ground zero. You may be able to sort your Orion’s Belt from your Plough, but can you pinpoint Polaris, Antares and Wolf? And what’s the temperature of Beta Centauri? Get ready to big up on your astronomy as stars hit toys, bedlinen, cushions, towels, wallpaper, and surround you like a planetarium…

Clever box club's Orange Rectangular Box



Wild walls

The All Star wallpaper by Ex-Vogue Living editor Vanessa Barneby and her business partner, the artist and print designer, Alice Gates, weaves a fashion tale behind its design. Inspired by the Chanel star dress Kate Moss wore to her thirtieth birthday eight years ago, their star wallpaper now decorates both of the designers’ children’s rooms. Alice has the Candy red version and Vanessa customised her daughter’s cupboards with the Gun Metal gold, and attached little star doorknobs from Country by Mail. ‘They look fab,’ she says. ‘Stars are just magical. They make bedtime more appealing and fun.’

 All Star wallpaper, candy, 10m roll



5 bright ideas to light up your little one’s day

Make me a star! Only a small number of stars actually have names and the majority are distinguished solely by a catalogue number, but you can buy a real   star as a special gift. Once you’ve chosen a star name, it’s registered on a database and will be stored for eternity. Name a Star Gift Box, £19.99, gettingpersonal.co.uk

Make a string of star bunting by cutting a star template out of cardboard.Place against scraps of leftover fabric, cut around them, then iron them onto a backing fabric and cut out again. They should be stiff enough to cut or hole-punch a small circle in the top, attach ribbon in a loop, flatten with an iron again and then pin to a long piece of ribbon in a row.

Create amazing star prints, like the one on our pages by Barneby Gates, by cutting star shapes in potatoes and dipping them in paint with your child.
Make a few potato stars in different sizes and decorate wrapping paper, plain wallpaper and cards.

Visit the Science Museum’s Star Struck! workshop, where science and art come together. Find out fantastic Solar System facts and help draw a super-sized star map! The event is suitable for children up to the age of eight. No need to book, just drop in to one of the sessions on the website. Check for times at sciencemuseum.org.uk

Make glow-in-the-dark goo.
What child doesn’t love things that they can still see after the lights go out? Add to that anything sticky or icky that glows and you have the perfect formula for hours of amusement. Ehow teaches you how to turn tonic water, fluorescent pens and glue into something more fun. ehow.com

Written by Lucy Ryder Richardson


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