Q&A with Giovanna Fletcher on her gender neutral nursery makeover

Q&A with Giovanna Fletcher on her gender neutral nursery makeover

Author and presenter, Giovanna Fletcher has teamed up with Wayfair UK stylists to complete a transformative makeover on her home. Ahead of the birth of her third baby, Giovanna reveals how she designed a gender neutral nursery and baby-proofed her home.

Giovanna Fletcher stood in gender neutral baby bedroom styled with Wayfair -home-and-interiors-gurgle.com

Image: Ingrid Rasmussen for Wayfair.co.uk

With the imminent arrivial of her third baby, author, presenter and mum to Buzz (4) and Buddy (2), Giovanna Fletcher has teamed up with stylists at Wayfair UK to give her nursery a well-needed makeover. As Giovianna is keeping the sex of her unborn baby a surprise, she's opted for a gender neutral decorating scheme that's soothing, cosy and incorporates elements of Scandi-style. 

Read on to find out how Giovanna and husband Tom's home has changed since becoming a parent, her inspiration behind the makeover, and how she achieved a stylish nursery makeover fit for any gender.

You have created a beautiful family home with your husband, Tom. Tell us about your home and how you chose it.

"We moved into our house 12 years ago when we were only 21-years-old. We’d bought a show house, which was great for us at the time as it meant we could just put our clothes in the wardrobe and pop the kettle on. It was hassle-free and looked stunning but as time went on we realised it wasn’t really very ‘us’. It didn’t show off our personalities or interests. It wasn’t particularly practical in terms of storage, either.

About two years ago we decided to make some upgrades - and I’m so glad we did. The house is now a collection of the things we love. It’s also colourful, warm, inviting, cosy, inspiring and calming, depending on where we are in the house."

Did you have to re-decorate when you moved in? If so, where did you start and what was your inspiration? 

"We kept the house exactly as it was for the first few years. Then we eventually painted the guest room as we were turning that into Tom’s music room, and then painted the cinema room to give it a little more depth. I’ll be completely honest, we really just painted the walls and we moved furniture around. It wasn’t particularly creative of us!"

How did the design of your home change when you became parents?

White gender neutral nursery styled by Giovanna Fletcher and Wayfair -home-and-interiors-gurgle.com

Image: Ingrid Rasmussen for Wayfair.co.uk

"Having children forced us to look at our home differently. Firstly, we realised that children take over. There’s not a single room that doesn’t contain some sort of child-related item. 

Before we became parents, we did a first aid course which led us to do an extensive ‘risk assessment’ in the house, which completely freaked us out and made us view everything as a potential threat. The glass went. Any sharp corners were frowned upon. Stair gates went in. Locks were fitted on locks. 

Since then we’ve really redecorated and we’ve been able to have more fun with the space. Growing up I can remember being told off about doing anything that might damage the carpet, sofas, or breakables. The boys still have to be careful, of course, but I’d say our style has become more family-friendly. I want out home to feel like people live there." 

Baby no. 3 will be arriving soon—what was the inspiration behind the new nursery? 

White and grey gender neutral baby bedroom with animal decor styled by Giovanna Fletcher and Wayfair -home-and-interiors-gurgle.com

Image: Ingrid Rasmussen for Wayfair.co.uk

"I really wanted to freshen up the space as it’s not been redesigned since it became Buzz’s room four years ago and looked tired and worn. I wanted a fresh, clean space that felt homely and calming.

It was also important for it to be gender neutral as we aren’t finding out the sex of the baby - although even when he or she is born we won’t be adding loads of pink or blue!"

What are your favourite items in the nursery? Why do you love them? 

Gender neutral baby bedroom with teepee, grey animal wallpaper and mint furnishings styled by Giovanna Fletcher and Wayfair -home-and-interiors-gurgle.com

Image: Ingrid Rasmussen for Wayfair.co.uk

"The jungle themed wallpaper is stunning and adds so much to the space, while also being neutral and calming. I really love a statement design - we have flamingos in the downstairs loo, an intricate story-based design in the boys’ room and then full on ‘flower power’ in my office!

The tipi tent is gorgeous – such a unique but affordable touch and I can really imagine the baby lying in there and taking it all in. There are also so many textures to explore with the cushions, throws and rugs and the muted pastel shades help make it all look so beautiful. 

I’m also really happy with the wardrobe and changing unit. Babies come with lots of stuff - and being the third child, this baby is inheriting a fair few clothes, so it’s good to have somewhere to put it all. I love the design of both these items as they feel really unique." 

What’s next for your home? Any big renovation plans or rooms you would love to tackle next? 

"I think I’d like to redesign the cinema room and the bathrooms next and I’d also really like to finish off our bedroom. We painted and furnished it about a year ago, but working with Wayfair.co.uk has really shown how me how vital all the statement pieces and finishing touches are and not to be scared to use different textures, colours and to layer things up." 


If you're decorating your new baby's nursery, get inspiration by shopping Giovanna Fletcher's look on Wayfair.


Are you giving your baby's nursery a gender neutral makeover? Let us know by tweeting @GurgleUK or post a comment on our Facebook Page.



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