4 ways to decorate a nursery on a budget

4 ways to decorate a nursery on a budget

From DIY nursery decor ideas to savvy shopping tricks, take heed of money-saving tips to design a cute and comfortable space for your new arrival. 

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Do you have a little bundle of joy on the way? Congratulations! There’s nothing more wonderful than welcoming a new baby into your family, but you must admit that decorating your little one’s new nursery can be quite costly.

Luckily, money saving website Ashleigh Money Saver is here to help. Read on for her budget-friendly tips to ensure your child has an Instagram-worthy nursery, without the hefty price tag.


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"Have you heard of up-cycling before? It’s the process of taking an old or second hand item of furniture, and giving it a whole new lease of life. Whether that’s a new lick of paint, or a re-upholster, it’s a fun way to recycle! There’s no reason why you can’t take an unloved chair from your living room, add a few new cushions, and pop it in the nursery instead."

Visit charity shops

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"Charity shops tend to be packed to the rafters at this time of year, as people often have a January clear out or donate unwanted Christmas gifts. Why not visit your local charity shop to see if you can find any bargains for the new nursery? Keep an eye out, especially for baby books, teddies, and soft furnishings. Just make sure to boil wash any blankets you may pick up, and they’re good to go."


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"Pinterest has an amazing range of cute do-it-yourself ideas for a nursery. Whether it’s painting a simple but effective mural on a wall, cross-stitching a design, or even just finding a handy storage solution for your changing table, it’s time to get DIY-ing."

Savvily shop the sales

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"The mid-season sales are in full swing, and there are loads of bargains to be had, both online and on the high street. Members of the Ashleigh Shopping Club get instant, exclusive discounts at over 160 fabulous retailers, you can even save on top of sale prices.

So, whether you’re now feeling inspired to start a DIY, or head to your local charity shop, it really is easy to decorate a nursery on a budget. It’s just another matter entirely when it comes to keeping the nursery tidy once your baby has arrived!"


Do you have any budget-friendly ideas for building a nursery? Let us know by tweeting @GurgleUK or post a comment on our Facebook Page.



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