Jools Oliver's blog: Here comes summer

Jools Oliver's blog: Here comes summer

It was wonderful to start the summer school term with some much needed sunshine, although we're not too sure where it's disappeared to now!

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The girls were so excited to go back in their summer uniform and I was shocked to see how short their little checked dresses had become since they last put them on, a little measure of how much we don't always notice, when we see them all the time that the girls are shooting up!

We had such a lovely break just doing absolutely nothing. It was so good to see the children outside almost all the time, all gaining their little bit of independence. We would normally find Pops curled up reading a book under some tree with her obligatory pop tunes wafting from her iPod! Daisy was normally hanging with Buds, her mini double, whilst generally foraging for worms, snails or sweets in any order! And Petal who has just discovered that wandering off on her own with a ruck sack filled with her water and some biscuits is the preferred option, whilst ticking off various bits of nature that she has challenged herself to find...I have to admit searching for a green leaf can't be easy! Very cute!

Poor Buds, his confidence in wandering a little bit around the garden has been slightly marred due to Jamie dressing up as the Easter Bunny! Although for some reason those costumes always look on the wrong side of scary! Having set up a really sweet hunt for them all around the garden, the arrival the hopping bunny in between the bushes frightened Buds so much he wouldn't come outside! Even when Jamie removed his fluffy ears, Buds wouldn't budge - hopefully he is not scarred for life!

It's exciting times as we head full on into the summer term. Petal is furiously practicing her skipping for her first ever real sports day and Daisy now has professional spikes to add to her trainers. I guess that means I should get into my usual competing head space as I've got to prepare for the mums' race and training usually starts about now!

So it always seems weird to be talking about Little Bird's Autumn Winter collection and even weirder for 2015! We had a fab brainstorming session with the Little Bird team last week, it's always so exciting to enter the Mothercare HQ and see it all for real, and it's especially great to see the designs that we have been taking about for what seems like an eternity hanging up on the display waiting for approval!

Over the last couple of years the Mothercare team and I have really been trying hard to build the strong identity and handwriting of Little Bird and this collection is just so "Little Bird'.

I have a very strong retro feel, particularly the 1970's, clearly the age when most of the team were little too. We hope to keep sticking by this, whilst constantly adding new and fresh pieces that you least expect to see, but defiantly things that remind you of being a kid yourself. I'm particularly excited to show you our girl's winter hat we have designed; it's so sweet and goes with the winter coat. I am almost itching for a little bit of winter to arrive so I can dress Petal in it - well almost!

But before all this it's definitely time to lace up my trainers and get in serious training for sports day!

Lots of love Jools xxxx

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