Jools Oliver's blog: Family summer

Jools Oliver's blog: Family summer

Jools is enjoying her sunny summer holidays with her family, and is so excited that her Little Bird collection is now available up to 8 years old!

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Although I really am a winter bird I can't think of anything nicer than donning the winter woollies and going for a crisp morning walk with the children.

But having just returned from our family holiday in Spain, I can't think of any other place I would rather be than sitting with Jamie and the girls, watching the burning orange sun slip down behind the Majorcan mountains with a glass of wine, and the girls giggling over a game of connect 4 ...well that practically sums up our two weeks away.

Back home, and still the beautiful weather shines on, although I fear as every year with our annual trip to Cornwall approaching, predicted rain and storms are on the horizon! But I doubt it makes much of a difference as our surfing holiday normally consists of me under water rolling around grappling with the white foam struggling to balance on the board whilst being lashed by the elements!

Yes it's meant to be fun, but the girls and I are on our 'silver legend award' and we are determined to move up a notch and become 'rad gold legends'! (I am sure Pops is cringing right now with my use of language)!

It's so lovely to finally get away together as a family, you realise how bonds are really formed, especially amongst the children when you are in each other's pockets 24/7. It was really sweet to watch Petal and Buddy hang out.


The amount of imaginary games they made up were genius and hilarious all at once! With their new obsession being 'Doc Mcstuffins' , they were often found in various positions in the villa with make shift bandages around ankles, and often Buds was covered in so many plasters you couldn't see his face! Unfortunately, the older girls have been watching a new series of 'Dance Moms, ' so consequently I am now embroiled in the American saga too....yes secretly 'I love it' , but all this brings back wonderful memories of our family holidays spent in France, every year my sisters and I were as thick as thieves on these annual trips.

I always remember laughing into the early hours when we shared a bedroom whilst Mum and Dad shared a candle lit BBQ out in the garden, usually being entertained by my middle sister Lisa who was, and still is, a ridiculously clever impersonator - Alistair McGowan has nothing on her! Actually, it's a trait Daisy has inherited, and regularly had us in stitches whist the sun went down!

Lost in holiday memories but it's time to get back down to earth, and I'm really excited for the up and coming Little Bird Autumn Winter shoot. Obviously the heatwave will reappear specially!

Petal and Buds barely took off their little red towelling all in ones. They went straight from the sea, I zipped them up in them, and they stayed in them all day. Even now we are home, it will seem weird to be shooting the autumnal range, when mine are still trundling around in their high summer Little Bird! We are really so elated that that now Little Bird is extending its range to age 8.

We have had so much fab feedback from everyone, especially through social media, and we really enjoy looking at all the gorgeous pictures that people put up of their little ones in the clothes. Lots of parents have been asking us to please extend the range, so I personally feel very grateful for all the great people at Mothercare, whom enabled this to happen. A real achievement for Little Bird and I'm very proud at this exciting time.

Thankfully we still have a few weeks left of the summer hols. It's going by so fast, although the children insist everything is taking ages (especially the journey to Cornwall)! I spy anyone? We're in the car now on the way to a day trip to Norfolk, the sun is shining and I know you just can't beat a British day out at the seaside!



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