Jools Oliver's blog: Family feastival

Jools Oliver's blog: Family feastival

With the fun summer holidays over, Jools has been busy getting the children ready for their return to school, polishing shoes and sewingin name labels. But the family still managed to have a fun day out, enjoying themselves at Jamie's Feastival, where Jools proudly sold her Little Bird collection from her pop up shop inside a tent.

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The summer holidays are now just a beautiful distant memory, and we had such a fun, happy time in Cornwall. Yes, it rained every day, but the children loved it! It was the same routine as the last 5 years - fantastic crazy surfing, hot chocolates on the beach under umbrellas, fish and chips on the sea front and a couple of trips to the local adventure park where Buds got to meet his super heroes.

The kids went crazy on the rides and I overcame my fear of heights to plummet through rapid waters down the water slide (ok it wasn't that high, nor was it 'rapid', but I got thoroughly soaked and my screams could be heard across the whole of North Cornwall!)

I still get that sinking Sunday feeling I used to have as a little girl, when your precious weekend was nearing to a close, and the impending doom of school was once again upon me!

Well I could sense the girls were feeling this as we returned from our holidays and the mere mention of new stationery and school uniform labels, saw there brows frown and a little whimper escape from Petal's mouth! So it was great that we had one last family outing together at Jamie's Feastival.

It's brilliant that it's placed at the end of August, so we all really have something to look forward to before they all head back to school. The girls loved it now they are getting a little but older. It was all about the 'festival chic look' , it was funny because it's something they never worried about last year! Lots of bangles, bracelets, hair braids and braces -they were so excited to!

They watch the bands (of course most of them they had never even heard of! Went on the fairground rides, ate Jamie's fish and chips on the grass, and just got to hang out with their dad!

There was a moment when we were all back stage waiting for Jamie to go on and play the drums, dressed in a silk floral bomber jacket, shorts and crazy socks, whilst men in spandex leotards gyrated and danced on stage, when I wondered if the girls actually thought their dad was basically bonkers! The funny thing was they didn't even flinch, it all seemed perfectly normal to them!

They were more embarrassed when I decided to dance to a few classic tunes from my youth where all I could hear behind me was 'mum please stop it's so embarrassing', so I did what any self-respecting mum would do...I tried to do the splits!

Luckily, I was less mortifying at our fantastic Little Bird tent which was also at the Feastival. We managed to get a bigger tent this year, situated in a brilliant space in the field amongst fabulous food and children's activities. It was like our own pop up shop (a little bit of a dream)! The clothes looked great displayed against rainbow painted wood, and rails of vibrant coloured clothes and accessories filled the space.

It was fantastic to meet all the wonderful parents and families who had brought their little ones along to enjoy the festivities, with lots dressed in Little Bird, which is always a 'pinch me moment'. And we got to meet some lovely people and get heaps of feedback too.

I think everyone is excited to hear that Little Bird is now going up to age 8, and we even got a few requests to take it further and do an adult range.....maybe one day, who knows! It's all such an honour.

Also keep a look out, as there are a few new Little Bird autumn pieces coming into Mothercare now, and I am really excited to put Buds and Petal in the navy blue knitted polo neck with rainbow stripes. It looks so cute with jeans and super cosy for Autumn.

Well onwards and upwards it's nearly Christmas! There's Lots to look forward to, but for now it's the polishing of the new school shoes, the furious sewing on of the name labels, and the scary homework! Bring on the half term!

Lots of love Jools xxxx

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