Jools Oliver's blog: The birthday girls

Jools Oliver's blog: The birthday girls

The start of spring has been a busy one for Jools! Surrounded by glitter and glue, she has managed to create three birthday crowns for the girls, an Easter bonnet, as well as fitting in a chilly photo shoot for her exciting new Little Bird Spring Summer '15 collection!

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It's already been, and is going to be, pretty busy in the Oliver household this month. Three of the girls will be celebrating their birthdays. For Pops it's her first big one, turning 13! It really exciting for us all.

She really is such a sweet girl and a typical teen (we can actually say that properly now rather than berating her with that classic line 'stop acting like a teenager!) In between her ballet classes, singing lessons, homework, constant phone chatting to her friends, habitual pirouettes around the house, the obligatory Taylor Swift pumping through the floor boards and the odd orthodontist appointment, she is growing up just how I imagined and we are really proud of her!

Hot on her ballet flats is little Daisy, who turns 12, watching Pops closely, she too is just how I imagined! One minute muddy trainers clomping through the house after athletics, to satin gymnastics leotards of varying garish colours hanging in the laundry room! It's a real privilege to watch them grow up so closely and be such a huge part of their lives.

And last, but definitely not least, little Petal is turning 6. She looks up to her sisters so much, but also has a very strong independent spirit, and is probably our feistiest member of our family!

I made their birthday crowns almost a month ago in anticipation for a manic month and I am really proud of them each year. I try and make one that reflects their characters and their interests at the time, so this year Petal's crown is embellished with a chipmunk (Alvin) - don't ask! Daisyboo's has a giant trainer on hers to display her love of athletics, and Pops has a giant glitter encrusted number 13 adorning hers.

Time is rushing by so fast! In years to come we hope to hold on to all our little memories like these, and maybe if we are lucky enough, to see our grandchildren wearing them in years to come! Best make sure the staples are fixed in properly then!

In other news Little Bird has gone distinctly spring or even summer like! So it's lovely to see most of the new collection up on the Mothercare website. We only did the shoot for the clothes a few weeks ago, and it really got us excited for the warm weather to arrive!

We dressed our models in the really cute towelling rainbow all in one playsuit, and various ditsy print dresses, stripy sun hats, and gorgeous yellow sandals, as they bravely skipped and hopped, on a very typically British, blustery crisp early spring day! Typically, the gorgeous little models did not notice the cold at all - real mini professionals!

It was also so exciting to see you lovely people post super cute pics of your little ones wearing some new bits from the Little Bird collection, either on Instagram or Facebook. Honestly we never tire of seeing the clothes that seem to take so long to design, and then put together, actually on the children we are ultimately designing them for. It really is a joy so thank you so much!

After all this craziness, I am very much looking forward to all the little ones breaking up from school for Easter and once again decamping to the countryside, to spend some much needed quality time together, and of course to eat copious amounts of Easter chocolate (that's just me of course!)

Now to get my head down and get back stuck in to the glue, sellotape and glitter to create Petals Easter bonnet, and defiantly not a chipmunk in sight!

Happy spring and the Easterlies of love Jools xxx



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