Jools Oliver's blog: Mid-terms

Jools Oliver's blog: Mid-terms

As well as celebrating Jamie's 40th birthday with the help of Darth Vader and helping the girls with their mid-term exams, Jools has also been busy learning first aid and planning her next fabulous Little Bird collection and photoshoot

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It feels like ages since I last wrote my spring blog. It's always such a mad time of the year for us with work and family, and in my free time I feel like I am constantly making a crown, sewing a bonnet or wrapping presents!

There was no exception this May as we have just celebrated Jamie's 40th birthday which was such fun. Having not opted for a huge party, we organised small little surprises for him instead lasting over a week. He absolutely loved it, especially when Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers tuned up at his office to lead him down to a surprise party at 10 in the morning!

But the half term week was also dedicated to revision... argh! Both Poppy and Daisy have their mid-term summer tests - the big ones. It really brings back memories of when I was revising for my exams - weirdly I used to quite enjoy it. I think it was something to do with my excessive use of highlighter pens, stickers, multi-coloured post-it notes and a very colourful revision timetable! I have been so impressed with them so far though. They are definitely dedicated and tend to work a bit harder with the promise of hot chocolate and biscuits during every break!

But these little things only serve as a reminder that summer is well and truly on its way and the term is drawing to its close. Usually, as in the past two years, it's time to get out the tissues as we prepare for one of our little ones to move up and move on in their school life. This year is no exception and little Buds will be preparing to move on from his lovely nursery onto 'big school'. I can't believe I am actually typing those words! In our house Buds will always be known as 'Baby Buds'. So emotions will definitely be running high for us all as we head into July, but for now things are fine as they are!

We rounded off the end of the half term week getting involved in a first aid course. I have been wanting to do one since we had Poppy as I think it's so important and essential to know even basic first aid. All the children got stuck in as the British Red Cross trainers taught baby and child first aid.

They covered so many areas, and I particularly paid most attention to choking, as in our house we rarely pass through a meal without Buds choking on his food through excitement or laughing! The children loved doing the CPR with Petal loving the little baby dummy dolls they handed out. She paid more attention to cuddling them than giving it mouth to mouth!

I highly recommend giving one of these courses a go or even downloading the British Red Cross app, which is essential if you are out and about and need to take emergency action. I have put the relevant website link at the bottom of the page just in case you are interested, as I was blown away by how much I have learnt, and how much I didn't know!

In other news, we were so excited last month to launch our own Little Bird Instagram page, which we are now very proud to announce has over 10,000 followers so far! It was so exciting to watch the numbers creep up, and we are really honoured that we have so many loyal, faithful and enthusiastic Little Bird fans out there. We really love seeing the pictures you share of your lovely little ones, and such a treat for us to see everything worn just the way we envisaged! Myself and the Little Bird team had a very exciting meeting last week, just checking in on our Spring collection for 2016 which all looks fab, and discussing our shoot for Autumn 2015 which is coming soon.

It's always challenging trying to come up with a location to shoot in that depicts a lovely autumnal scene when typically the sun will decide to blaze down on us the entire time, but I suppose that's 'fashion'! Anyway, we hope you love it all as much as we do.

I am looking forward to showing all these off soon of course, expect plenty of colour as always and possibly something a little bit 'fruity'! But definitely lots of classic 70s inspired pieces to choose from; we can't wait to reveal them to you over the coming months.

As I sit typing this, the winds are howling like crazy outside and this does not feel distinctly like day two of summer. Maybe that autumnal feel we are after will be easier than we think!

Lots of love, Jools xxx


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