Jools Oliver's blog: We're nearly there

Jools Oliver's blog: We're nearly there

Mum's race at sports day, preparing for the launch of Little Bird by Jools, and road-testing Louboutins

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35 days 6 hours and 46 minutes woohoooo that’s how long we have left till Little Bird by Jools is launched in Mothercare…

Brilliant, but first the more exciting news I have to reveal is…. that I came FIRST in the mum’s race at sports day oh yeah babyyyy!!!! Unfortunately Jamie missed it by 10 minutes as he had to get back to work but with my girlies cheering (well screaming) shouts of encouragement I felt the drive and determination to pound that red racetrack with all my might and leave all other mummies in my wake! Ok ok it’s no good, I can’t keep this façade up any longer (sorry girls)! I cheated again this time with dirty tactics….placing the bean bag on my head, I wound a tight bun in my hair to act as a barrier thus allowing me to confidently run the race at break neck speed and if I am to be totally honest there were several heats and I was in the last one with only seven mums!

Wait it gets worse…I came joint first with another mum Karen so I can’t really take all the glory but for that spilt second I was the star; the female Usain Bolt and I have the sticker to prove it!

Anyway enough confessions - it’s been incredibly busy here these past few weeks and with the end of term looming we all seem to be on an endless tread mill. Each of us has little projects to focus on, from emotional summer concerts (Jamie) to adrenalin- fuelled sports days (the girls) and preparing for the launch of Little Bird by Jools (me!)

I was really excited this week as the August issue of Red magazine came out with little old me on the cover. It felt like an eternity to arrive as we shot it back in May.  The day of the shoot was such a fab day as the magazine has such a great team who looked after us brilliantly. Plus we shot it at our house in Essex so I had all my family around for support and to give me confidence.

The actual day was freezing even though it looks like a beautiful summer’s day in the photo shoot. In fact between each take I was hugging a mug of green tea and a water bottle under my rather un glamorous puffa jacket! It was fun to have all the children with me and they were beyond excited at the prospect of having lots of people at the house especially people who expertise in nails, hair, clothes and glittering accessories. This was certainly a highlight for my second daughter Daisy who absolutely loves all things fashion and immediately homed in on the lovely manicurist and happily got her nails painted a very on-trend neon pink. She followed this by having her hair teased and quaffed to perfection and in fact she had us waiting on set whilst she chose the appropriate sunglasses to match her outfit… Like mother like daughter!

On the other hand my eldest daughter Pops was beyond excited to have a beautiful old wooden boat mocked up to be a pirate ship complete with Cath Kidston sail adrift in our garden. Pops and Buds were in their element as they swash buckled with fake swords and had Swallows and Amazons daydreams amongst the squashy cushions. Of course as they were having adventures on the open seas the cameras clicked away unbeknownst to them all!

With all this done I can now focus and concentrate on the 17th August; the launch date of Little Bird. I am so incredibly nervous but also extremely excited to see everything placed proudly on the shelves and rails of Mothercare.

There are a few more shoots and interviews which I have already done so keep a look out as I’m a little worried that I may be boring people now! I’ve been so lucky that everything has been finished while the older girls are at school and around Petal and Buddy’s routine within reason.  We did a great shoot with the Sunday Times Style recently with Buddy keeping me company. He kept himself busy trying on the amazing selection of shoes and wow the boy has taste, road-testing Louboutins, Manolos and Jimmy Choos and not a twisted ankle in sight.  He modelled them way better than me.

Well hopefully the next time we check in there will be lots to tell and reveal and I can finally start to dress my little ones in some of our creations, yipeee…

Much love Jools x


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