Jools Oliver's blog: Easter bonnets

Jools Oliver's blog: Easter bonnets

Spring colour, getting stuck in crab apple tree's, and school run clothes

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Spring is all about colour for me. The beautiful yellows of the daffodils, the polka dot ribbon wrapped around Easter chocolate bunnies and the pink fluffy chicks sewn on to kids Easter bonnets.  We are definitely using these colour palettes as inspiration for our spring summer collection.  In our house it’s all about the traditions. We love celebrating any occasion no matter how small or insignificant it is, but after Christmas, I think Easter is our biggy.

We always look forward to our Easter egg hunt to start off the day, although we were reminiscing the other day, about our longgone tradition of giant Easter eggs when we were all small! I recall my eldest sister always got a Galaxy one, slightly more sophisticated and expensive, my middle sister would get the Flake or Toblerone mid range, and I would always get the Smarties or Buttons Egg, stuck up in the little crab apple tree in our Garden! So it is this tradition that I have followed for my little ones, although unfairly they get a little less chocolate, more teeny mini eggs intermingled with the little fluffy chicks hidden in the garden, discovered by guessing complicated treasure hunt questions that even I am confused by!!!

They love dressing up for this occasion, always with an Easter bonnet and pretty little dresses no matter what the weather! Baby Buds has some very fun role models to aspire to this Easter! This year the girls loved their Easter bonnets - Daisy had a Daisy flower, Poppy had a Poppy and Petal had a daffodil - Buds, well he didn't really want to keep his hat on...

The warmer the weather gets, the more excited I get to see my wardrobe transform. Today I could actually wear my favourite wardrobe staple… the Breton blue stripy top without a jacket, accessorised with my new Nike hi tops and skinny acne jeans. Perfect for the school run and sitting comfy with Petal and Buds at monkey music… very essential!!!

I have been so very fortunate to be able to combine both working with Mothercare and my usual duties of being a mum.  I was so worried in the early stages, especially when Buds was so young that I wouldn’t be able to commit as much as I would like to. I only wanted to be able to take on this amazing opportunity if I could really fully immerse myself in the project but still not miss out on any time with the children, and luckily I have been able to do both. Nearly every meeting has been held at our house which is great, as I get to excuse myself for a couple of minutes to put Buds or Petal down for their nap or even better they get to sit on my lap when they are not wriggling too much for a cuddle!

One such meeting that we had up in the barn in Essex; Daisy had run in while we were all in mid flow, shouting that Buds had taken his first two steps! (Turned out she had been a little premature with her claim but only a day later he took those precious first steps, which I didn’t miss).  Being such a fab bunch of women, breastfeeding Buds was never a problem or a source of embarrassment, and it became accepted as a completely natural part of our relaxed, eclectic meetings.

As we are nearing the time for my range to be launched I am getting so nervous and excited. Next time I am going to be able to reveal a lot more about it and will be very anxious to hear all your feedback. 

Spring has officially sprung and I can’t wait to see what it brings. Tune in next month when I can reveal the name of my range and some product sneak previews. Good job, as I can hardly contain the excitement any longer! It will be soooo good to be able to talk openly about the collection with all my friends, but to be able to share it with all of you too. Keeping it under wraps has been so hard. If I hadn’t been able to share my little secrets with my husband, my children and my Mum, I think I might have burst!

Love Jools xxx

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