Jools Oliver's blog: Jubilee picnic

Jools Oliver's blog: Jubilee picnic

Jubilee fun and frolics, chocolate brownies and Little Bird's Spring 2013 range planning

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It’s been such a busy month with lots of new firsts and exciting milestones for the family, culminating in a fabulous fun-filled Jubilee weekend. I’m still coming off a high from celebrating all things British and royal with my family.

June is such a beautiful month especially for the garden. The colours, smells and the lush greenery is so inspiring you can really feel the start of summer coming.

As always I measure time passing through the children. I use their school timetable as my own; my favourite day being sports day. I absolutely love it and the girls get super excited as we tend to have daily discussions to which races they are entering into and whose time is faster than whose…I’m not particularly competitive but something happens to me when I stand on those side lines and scream wild encouragement for my girls. I daren’t tell you how I behaved at the mum’s race; last year amongst the excited cries from the children I heard, ‘Poppy Oliver’s mummy just cheated!’ mortifying but so satisfying to come in second place! Am sharpening my spikes as we speak…

Pops has also been on her very first school trip and it’s something she has been building up to for a few months now (correction we both have!!!) She was so excited, yet filled with such apprehension because up until now she has only ever spent one night away from us at her best friend Maggie’s house, so we were naturally very nervous for her.  It was so sweet to see her pack her bag herself, looking so grown up and she insisted she chose all her own clothes. Of course I couldn’t resist going through her bag when she was asleep, double checking she had packed everything and I shamefully admit that I put the outfits in order and labelled them for each day just in case! I never expected to get so emotional when we saw her off on the coach but I couldn’t help myself - the tears flowed very easily. Luckily I don’t think she saw, but what a draining three days for the rest of the Oliver family as we all missed her so much.  It felt like a real milestone for us and brought Jamie and I back to when she was a little baby. It really makes you realise how time really does pass by too quickly.  It was so sweet to get our little Pops home and when I unpacked her case I found she had taken something little from each of us – Petal’s nighty, dad’s cap, Daisy’s t-shirt, Buddy’s cuddly rabbit and my pink scarf doused in my perfume. She may be growing up fast but she will always be our baby!


I feel like our whole month has been geared towards the massive celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  It was so important for us to celebrate it with the children. I was only three during the Silver Jubilee so I obviously don’t remember it but the pictures depict vividly what it must have been like.  Of course we celebrated the Golden Jubilee but Pops was only a few months old, so our minds were elsewhere!  For me it’s all about creating memories, which is exactly what my parents did for me. I have a feeling that the girls will never forget wedding as it was such a huge occasion and a real piece of history for us all.

So, the excitement had been steadily building at Oliver HQ starting with lots going on at school to keep the older girls busy and Petal, Buddy and I preparing for my lovely sister who visited us from Italy with her little family.  The cousins adored being together and it was so nice to catch up like old times. I swear watching Petal and my little niece Giselle together was like travelling back in time to my sister and I – wonderful.

We kicked off our long weekend with a beautiful family dinner at ours rolling into the next day at my other sister’s house for a delish Jubilee inspired picnic. We all enjoyed the outrageous chocolate brownies to finish off the picnic - thanks Nat xxx

Rubbish weather forced us to watch the flotilla of the Queen indoors next to a roaring fire! Even Buds and Petal joined in and were mesmerised by the amount of boats floating down the Thames.  Again I shed a few tears during Rule, Britannia! I’m feeling extremely patriotic these days.

We continued our festivities with a Jubilee tea party for all the children on bank holiday Monday, which was such fun. That’s when my craft box came into its own. The kids all donned red, white and blue Jubilee crowns which Petal and I spent quite a few painstaking hours sticking, gluing and covering ourselves in diamond stars and glitter glue! We all drank copious amounts of tea and warm scones and jam were eaten. Of course we dressed the children and ourselves in red, white and blue and plenty of vintage stripy ribbon I found in a junk shop that I seemed to wrap around anything that moved.

My Jubilee outfit was easy because I love a stripy Breton, so teemed it with blue jeans and red ballet pumps, so that was me sorted. Buds looks great in stripes so he opted for the red and white striped version of mine (like a little mini sailor!!!)  I only wish my little white Broderie Anglaise party dress (in the Little Bird Autumn/Winter collection, out in August) had arrived in store as Petal would have looked super cute in that with red and blue accessories, oh well, i'll just have to be patient and wait until the summer.

We have also had a really exciting couple of meetings after signing off our spring 2013 range. We are now thrashing out ideas for summer 2013. Can you believe I had no idea when I started this project that we would work so far in advance of ourselves! I think I am most proud of this range so far –  As you know I am quite a fan of retro-inspired vintage fashion so i've been using that for inspiration this month. 

Well it’s not long now before Little Bird by Jools will actually be in Mothercare so I’m beyond excited! For now as we hurtle towards the end of term I am looking forward to spending some quality time with the girls and Bud and hopefully with lovely long hazy summer days ahead of us.

Of course I also need to get some sleep as I start my serious training for our looming sports day! Wish me luck, next stop the Olympics!!!!!!!

Much love Jools xxx

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