Jools Oliver's blog: New baby, River

Jools Oliver's blog: New baby, River

After a wonderful summer at home getting to know new baby, River, Jools Oliver is back to work at the Little Bird headquarters and busy balancing the demands of being a mum of five.

Jools Olivers blog New baby 1

Introducing River Rocket Blue Dallas

Well, it's been a very busy and exciting few months, but now I’m back to talk all things Little Bird – and maybe a few things little baby!

On the 7th of August at 9.09pm I gave birth to our cute little baby boy River – full name River Rocket Blue Dallas! We took a little longer than usual to choose his name as we had so much input from the children. So there had to be a bit of compromise but we had a fun nine months compiling lists for a boy and a girl.

Jools Olivers blog New baby 3

This is when I realised that we'd had a boy! A very happy memory!

I was 100 per cent adamant that we were having a girl – so much so that the few clothes I did buy him were definitely on the feminine side. But a few weeks after he was born the delicate lace vintage romper was the only thing I could put him in the 80 degree heat; plus I am not really into gender-defined clothes, so little River has a bit of an eclectic hand-me-down wardrobe which is so sweet!

Jools Olivers blog New baby River

We spent a wonderful summer at home getting to know him and the children are totally obsessed with their new baby brother so he’s never short of a few cuddles! In fact Buds was the first one to make River smile – by dancing wildly with a hairbrush and singing (in other words, twerking)! He was so pleased with himself and he is now definitely the proudest big brother. River makes a fantastic car ramp for Buds’ Hot Wheels cars, so both boys are settling well into siblinghood!

Jools Olivers blog New baby 2

This is such a wonderful time to have a little baby, especially with the magic of Christmas, but it has been a complete whirlwind and I’m realising that the demands of having a new baby while being a mum of five and making all the children's school commitments – plays, parents’ evenings and parties – can be near impossible and totally exhausting. So I am slowly learning to let a few things go and not feel guilty that I can't be everywhere all the time.

Jools Oliver baby

Petal and Buddy cuddle baby River

With little Pops in her GCSE year and Buds half way through Year One, time is just going by way too fast so it's lovely to let time freeze a little bit while we stop and watch River in his Moses basket or pour over his cheeky dimpled smiles, or just sit on the sofa and give him cuddles. This I love watching the most, especially when the children come home from school and I watch them each in turn cuddling the baby and resting their head on his. I know it's their way of just having that five minutes of peace and a bit of head space before they hop back into their crazy busy little lives – it’s so very special.

Jools Oliver maternity dress

It's also fab to get back to work again. It's been pretty busy at the Little Bird headquarters and we are so excited to have just launched our capsule maternity range – a few key pieces. My favorite is the cute summer dress, pictured above - totally retro-inspired as ever, with a gorgeous print and colours. Such a shame I just missed out on wearing it all this summer with River! There are also jeans and tops; we are really proud of it and hope you guys love it too.

Jools Olivers blog New baby 4

We have also brought back our bedding range which has slightly grown since we started nearly five years ago. There are gorgeous colours, patterns and the usual iconic Little Bird prints, but we also have a fab red wicker Moses basket and (my favorite piece, pictured above) a beautiful rainbow rug which would look lovely in the nursery – or in fact anywhere in the house. We can't wait for you to see these in all in the shops soon.

Jools OIliver Happy

We hope you managed to get our Little Bird Christmas jumper with ‘Happy’ emblazoned on the front. It sold out so quickly that I had to get mine especially made. I am so chuffed, especially looking through all the fab pics that you put up online showing your little ones looking gorgeous in our latest collections.

Jools Oliver babygrow

I am especially proud that in January our gorgeous little babygrow, pictured above, in support of the brilliant Tommy’s charity will be available to buy in Mothercare stores and online. With an unbelievable one in four parents going through the heartbreak of losing a baby during pregnancy or birth, it is such an important cause to support, so please pop in and have a look.

Lots of love, Jools xxx


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