Jools Oliver's blog: Pumpkin parties

Jools Oliver's blog: Pumpkin parties

It's pumpkin time again in the Oliver house, and a busy half term for Jools and the kids. With Halloween costumes to make, sticky toffee apples to eat and the Spring/Summer Little Bird range almost finished, it's time for a sit down...until firework night...

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Yippee it’s pumpkin time again and I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around. Autumn really is my absolute favourite season of the year, especially the colours, smells and the nights drawing in. I think I’m probably the first person to get our fire lit and annoyingly the first person to get the Christmas wrapping on order!

We have had such a busy month, (nothing new there) so it’s a great relief to get the children on half term and for us all to spend some quality time together. I was also excited to see the arrival of some new Little Bird pieces for Autumn/Winter. Petal and Bud are running around in their new green cords, Petal teamed hers with the little flower print top with Peter Pan collar and Buds with his cosy chunky knit cardy – both so cute. We are unbelievably pleased to see how Little Bird is being received so far and I check the website constantly to see how everything is going. I was elated to see that the patchwork quilt was selling really well. All the girls and of course Bud have them on their beds and it’s so lovely to snuggle up with them at night. Bud is especially happy as apparently Bob the Builder has one on the TV programme - typical boy!

We have been having our twice-monthly meetings to brainstorm ideas for Autumn/Winter 2013! Such a delight to get our creative thoughts flowing and as our collection is taking a retro turn it’s fab to take a trip down memory lane and bring back some of the classic clothes we all remember wearing. I’m so happy that we’re able to bring back the classic little t-bar shoes in red, which are exactly the same as the Mothercare shoes my sisters and I had in the 70’s. They’ll be sold as part of the Little Bird range early next year so watch out for them, super cute!

We have just finished shooting the Spring/Summer range (trying to keep up myself!) It was such a brilliant day; we had the cutest little models who all looked adorable in the new collection (of course I am dying to give you some hints as to what we have in store but you’ll have to wait.) I can tell you there are plenty of bright colours, pretty detailing and a touch of Little Bird ‘rainbow’!We still have to shoot our very cute swimming costume for summer but think a bit of praying for some autumnal sunshine is much needed! Will keep you posted on how it goes.

Well, back to half term and our preparations for Halloween are underway. We have picked our pumpkins and they are now ready for little hands to carve their scary faces. All that is left to do is the finishing touches to the children’s costumes. Luckily Jamie’s mum Sally bought the girls a lovely little sewing machine and both Pops and Daisy are eagerly starting on their spooky costumes. We have some random choices from all four of them this year: Poppy wants to be a witch bat? Daisyboo a giant box (which will be labeled as a very scary delivery!) Petal a baby ghost (Phew! Slightly easier than a box) and little Buds ….a Tic Tac! Best not ask, but I’m hoping a white baby grow and white felt covered wellies should suffice for Buddy to head out trick or treating! I promise I will take pics and put the up for my next blog post.

I am now about to make some scary-shaped gingerbread biscuits with the girls as our first attempt to make toffee apples went horribly wrong. In fact in a nostalgic-panic I dashed down to the supermarket and picked up eight of them! The girls and Buds adored them and even I had forgotten how absolutely sweet and sticky they are. Afterwards I found mini shards of toffee on Buds where they really shouldn’t be!

I suppose I’d better think about that very messy game of apple bobbing for our little Halloween party. See, it really is a truly retro month for me and that’s why I love these occasions, as they can be a real trip down memory lane for parents everywhere!

Hoping you all have suitably frightening October the 31st, although it’s guaranteed I will be on to my next event - Firework night - before the day is through!

Much love Jools xxx

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