Jools Oliver's blog: Happy new year!

Jools Oliver's blog: Happy new year!

Writing her blog in the snow, Jools brings us news of the Spring Summer 2013 Little Bird Collection with it's exciting nautical stripes and cheery rainbows...oh, and Jamie's woolly socks

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Wow happy New Year everyone! I’m sat here writing my blog on a freezing snowy Friday, which promised to bring biting winds, blizzards and a blanket of snow across the country - well it didn't disappoint! I am sitting next to the fire, looking down at my legs double layered in running leggings (I intended to run but of course it never happened), my holey track bottoms and Jamie's thick woolly socks. It’s a good job because it’s too cold to leave the house. It all seems a little ironic that I am sifting through the most gorgeous pictures of our latest Summer 2013 Little Bird shoot, shot in beautiful South Africa and I’m now dreaming of hot sunny beaches and warm sand. We’re so pleased with the shots and I can't wait to show you the little swimming costume in a pattern reminiscent of your own childhood –cheery rainbows, sunshine and aqua blue coupled with plenty of nautical stripes and Terry Towelling - fingers crossed you’ll love it! But for that you will have to wait until March - sorry!

Even though we’re still in January, Christmas seems a million miles away, apart from the rainbow coloured twinkling lights still on our tree outside. I haven’t quite got the heart to take them down just yet!

It’s taken us a while to come down from the excitement of Christmas 2012 as it really was so much fun. The build-up is usually our favourite time, but was slightly marred this year by the horrible intrusion of those nasty winter germs and with four young children, catching something is almost unavoidable. Luckily with a few days to spare (apart from a few sneezes) we were excited and counting down the days (and that was just Jamie and I!)

With 26 for Christmas lunch, Jamie was pretty busy preparing for two days before the big day. I had been promoted to decoration duty (better than last year when I was the official sprout scorer!) The girls and Buds threw themselves into decorating the tree and luckily a few years ago I realised it was pointless directing how the tree would look, especially since once Jamie has put up the lights I open the plastic container and the kids go wild! I just relish this festive holiday with school plays and concerts, long winter walks, Baileys after dinner and of course delicious food - I don’t even mind a bit of present wrapping at a push!

Christmas Eve is of course the big one and for us it's the main day the excitement amongst the children is palpable. Jamie and I very much parent our children with the same traditions we both had when we were young. I am constantly reciting tales of my childhood and basically following the same customs including where the stocking is hung, the ritual of new Christmas Eve pyjamas and what Father Christmas and the reindeers have to eat on their treat plate!

So it's no wonder that all the children found an annual from our childhoods in their stockings this year. Poppy got Bunty, Daisy a Whizzer and Chips, Buds the Beano and little Petal got my all time classic book ‘Best Christmas Book Ever’ by Richard Scarry (clever Santa - how did he guess!) amongst all the plastic bits, dolls prams, puzzles, fairylands and cowboy boots. It was great to see the kids loving all their Christmas pressies.

I was thoroughly surprised to find my battered silver and much loved old banger revamped with not only a paint job but roaring flames on each side sitting outside the house. A great Christmas present and very Grease Lightening!

Now we have another wonderful Christmas behind us I think I am ready to tackle 2013!!!

With the big girls ensconced in school and Petal back at nursery I can really get stuck into my Mothercare work. The Little Bird Spring collection is in store and online NOW - so exciting! I still love all the Little Bird clothes from the last collection and nearly all my friends own a little something that I managed to get for presents. I am eagerly waiting to get Buds and Petal in the new bright spring colours, rainbow trims, ditzy florals and denim.

Hope you get to enjoy the snow (preferably from the comfort of your sofa). I promised the kids a snowball fight but am trying to wriggle out of it after seeing little Buds aiming quite impressively!

Much love Jools

PS - very exciting news, look out for our Little Bird shoes now available to buy – we all love them! xxxx

Look at the new Little Bird Summer collection 2013 below...


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