Jools Oliver's blog: Easter parties

Jools Oliver's blog: Easter parties

A very chilly Jools gets toasty in Jamie's socks as she prepares for a kids birthday party with 50 girls...and Buds!

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Wow Happy Easter guys, obviously as I write this I’m watching snow falling outside and surprise surprise I’m in Jamie's toasty warm woolly socks, snuggled by the fire –AGAIN!

This month has been busy and quite full on. As I mentioned before it was to be the month of costume creating with plenty of artistic talent on all things glitter, paper, ribbons and the odd pipe cleaner if needed! The girls school Easter play was Midsummer Night's Dream and it was wonderful, especially as their costumes were a real triumph (thank-you granny - I couldn't have done them without you)!

We also had to gather together an outfit for World Book Day. I love this day as the girls get so involved in their choices but they took so long to decide on what they wanted to be, that the night before we went from Harry Potter to any character from David Walliams amazing books in an instant. They finally settled on Matilda for Pop (a little adjustment to her school uniform) and Danny from Donut Diaries for Daisy (very easy – we used a boy’s school uniform with a pillow up the jumper) accessorised with a box of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts. Good choice Daisy! Petal was Fireman Penny (easy) and Buds? Spiderman of course. Tick - another job done!

I even managed to get us all kitted out in1950's outfits for the school spring social. It was brilliant fun as the girls had learnt a jive dance to surprise the parents and I think I may have surprised and embarrassed the girls at how loud I could sing 'summer nights'. Who knew I had such pent up passion for the song!

So that brings us up to the present and after writing this I am about to write a time plan for the three girls’ big birthday party tomorrow. I wouldn't normally be this organised but with 50 (yes, you read that correctly – 50) girls confirmed....and buds, I have to be super on the ball. We’ve worked out that we will need eight loaves of bread, five bags of carrots and 60 jelly moulds. And that's just the start of it... But hopefully it will be fun if not completely exhausting. It's going to be a semi-traditional party as the girls had requested pass the parcel, musical chairs and a disco. Of course what self-respecting ten and eleven year-old girls party wouldn't have a bit of Justin Bieber! Poor Petal shares her birthday with the older girls so Peppa Pig may have to be squeezed into the disco set!

Well from fun costumes to real clothes. I was so excited to finally see a fresh set of Little Bird spring summer outfits arrive both online and in Mothercare stores. I know it’s ridiculous to imagine our little ones in shorts and tee shirts right now but I couldn't resist putting Petal in my favourite item - the sunset t-shirt. I just love the print as it really brings back memories of when I was little and had one very similar. Petal loves it as it has a rainbow and a sun on it and she wears it with everything.

Weirdly Buds is obsessed with shorts. I’m not sure why, but he likes to wear two or three pairs at once. It doesn’t seem to bother him that he can hardly walk as it gets a bit tight down there (my experience so far is being a mum to little girls and not recognising this obsession, I’m assuming it’s a boy thing)! His favourites at the moment are the little towelling red ones (from Little Bird of course), they’re very 70's with white tiping around the edge. I just can't wait to let them wear everything outside without having to have a coat wrapped around them. Still it's just lovely to bring a little bit of warmth into the house with summery clothes.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Little Bird summer collection – I’m so excited to get the girls gorgeous cotton ditsy print summer shorts and the towelling all-in-one beach jumpsuit (very James Bond)!

Well I’m about to tear myself away from the burning embers of the fire to lick 200 paper chains together (yes you read that right...) next year’s parties are going to be cinema and pizza parties!

Happy Easter, bring on that spring sunshine and I’ll let you know how our Easter treasure hunt goes – even if we have to find our eggs buried deep in the snow…

Love Jools xxxx


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