Jools Oliver's blog: Jamie's birthday

Jools Oliver's blog: Jamie's birthday

Sleepless nights, summer tests and sticker charts! AND Jools is attempting a recipe to make a birthday cake for Jamie...

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This month has literally flown by and for Jamie and I, it's gone by in a bit of a foggy groggy haze!!! It's also that time where we pack away the little cot and unpack the teeny bed for the fourth time after storing it away for the forth time. (And still hoping not the last)!

I was enjoying what I now believe was to be my very last blissful full night’s sleep when I heard this little shuffling sound coming from outside the bedroom door - 10 seconds later a bemused but rather pleased looking Buds waddled towards me, grow bag still securely fastened, as he murmured sleepily, 'can I sleep with you'.... And so it begins! 14 days later, Petal’s hand-me-down toddler bed adorned with little boy duvet cover and brand new Spider-Man sits proudly in Buds’ bedroom with Petal perched high up in her 'big girls bed' like the little princess and the pea. Apparently it’s very important that Buds gets out of bed every couple of hours to remind us that he 'has to watch the Wonder Pets in our bed' or 'has to keep Spiderman warm in our bed as it’s bigger' and other original excuses that continue to pour out - It's like having a newborn! We’re all battling on and Jamie and I both exhaustingly pass each other in the hallway in the early hours of the morning placing him back in his bed. Of course sometimes when I really can't face lifting my legs out of bed again I plonk him next to me and have to admit as his little hands clasp round my waist and he whispers ‘I love you’ with poetic drama; his little smile radiates in the moonlight I think bloody hell we are lucky!

This month we are mainly forging ahead on a mission as we have sticker charts (a massive hit with Petal) who loves basking in poor Buds’ failure as she sweeps the board day after day! Frankly I could use them on the big girls as they get more excited with them than the babies do. To incentivise Pop and Daisy to revise for their summer exams we promised a hot chocolate with Granny and a visit to the toy shop – this seems to work every time whatever age the kids are.

Wow - Looking back on my month I feel Buds seems to have dominated it the most!

One aspect which I absolutely love whilst working on Little Bird are the shoots we do every three-months. It's a time to get completely creative and have some fun. Last week whilst shooting for autumn we were working with the cutest models, from little babies to toddlers, and the shoot involved giant hay stacks, a wind machine, retro caravans and without giving too much away a few 'super hero' costumes!. I did a good deal of the styling and although it was a lot of pressure (with me running round like a headless chicken most of the day chasing little people with odd socks, odd shoes and the odd bubble machine) it was brilliant and we can’t wait to show you the results. With most of the Little Bird range the clothes are pretty unisex but with this particular collection we had gorgeous little girls running about in soft check shirts teamed with slim leggings and cool little dudes in retro purple rainbow tee shirts and vintage dungarees. This may well be my absolute favourite collection yet! I am now relieved to finally pick the girls up from school today and know we will all be off together for half term -  frankly it couldn't have come soon enough. With nothing planned we are going to hopefully relax and spend some special time with my lovely sister Lisa and her two gorgeous children who are coming to stay over from Italy. I predict a lot of noise, excitement and chaos with kids everywhere! Perhaps relaxing wasn't quite the right word to use!

I am so excited to finish my blog this month with some news….We only went and won the 'Junior design award’ for best boys fashion collection. OMG (in the words of my 10 year old) I think is the right way to describe how I am feeling about this! I really feel humble and honoured to be put up against the likes of Stella McCartney (she won best boys designer collection) and Marni – amazing! To receive this award so early on in our Little Bird venture is incredible and I  feel so very proud to be part of this fantastic Mothercare team. It has been a total team effort and all my day dreams and passions for baby clothes have been realised and created thanks to everyone who works on Little Bird. I can't thank you all enough xx

Hoping to be bringing you better news regarding my lack of sleep - will keep you posted and any suggestions are always welcome! Am off now to bake a cake for Jamie's birthday tomorrow (yes you read that correctly - wish me luck!!!)

Lots of love Jools xxx

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