Jools Oliver's blog: School sports day

Jools Oliver's blog: School sports day

It’s been an emotional time in the Oliver household as the children seem to be growing up too fast, and Jools reveals her competitive streak at the School Sports Day.

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I am counting the days down now, literally, till the end of term when all the girls break up and we can all finally breathe out and relax - although this summer it will be with very mixed emotions. 

Our eldest daughter Pop is leaving her wonderful little Junior School and heading to 'Big School', albeit across the road to the senior building. For this past year we have heard nothing else from Pop but “oh no, this is the last time I will ever do the Junior Christmas Concert” or “this is the last time I will have sports day with all my friends”.  It's the last of everything as far as she is concerned.  Frankly, I really can empathise with how she is feeling. I remember that transition so well, as if it was yesterday and actually it is a big deal, but not just for her but for all of us.  I’m writing this with glassy eyes, and this is not the first time today I have almost cried; it’s been an emotional few weeks! 

The changes don't just stop with Pop, there is little Petal who is joining the Junior School in reception - another huge milestone.  Without sounding corny, where has all the time gone?  I can at least console myself with the fact that Petal is going to be looked after, or perhaps more accurately, 'lovingly smothered' by her big sister Daisy!

With my whole month consumed with all things school related I have had little time to focus on anything else, although last week we had a very exciting meeting at Mothercare Headquarters. We were choosing new colour palettes for the Little Bird Spring Summer 2014 collection and going through all our new samples that have just arrived for Autumn Winter 2013. I must say I absolutely love the little boys’ range; there are lots of cool colours and retro details giving the next collection a real 70's vibe and I can’t wait to get it all finished!  I’m really lucky that I get to receive the first few pieces from each collection before it hits the shops, so it's really fab to see little Bud and Petal hurtling around the playground in our new designs, and then getting compliments from fellow mums is such a wonderful thrill!

However, the same can’t be said about my shocking performance in the mum’s race on sports day - officially my FAVOURITE day on the school calendar! The girls did brilliantly, Daisy achieving 1st in the four hundred metres and Pop 3rd in the hurdles.  We were so proud of them and my voice is still feeling the effects one week later, I could barely talk due to the screaming. Me? Competitive? Never!  

Unfortunately I didn't follow my jubilant win of 2012 this year. I was disqualified (I believe unfairly) as my bean bag fell of my head just as I was about to fly through the finishing line neck and neck with a fellow (competitive) mummy! The sticker was immediately ripped off me and given to the mum behind me.  We did exchange glances and eyebrows were raised, but luckily it was my lovely mate Laura, so for one year only I will let this slide! Dad did no better either, by the time he had posed for a 'selfie' with the bean bag on his head, slightly cheating as it rested on his sunglasses (little tip for any parents out there!), the gun had gone and with all the Dads racing towards the finishing line, he came last!  But for the children it was just a fantastic experience, I think the more silly and humiliated your parents feel the more fun they have! And as long as they are happy that’s all that matters!

It will be a busy but relaxing summer, as I shall be spending half our holiday sewing in name tabs and getting little shoes fitted for schools and nursery.  Not sure my emotions will allow me to tell you about our Buds leaving home for 2 mornings a week....time flies way to quick!

I am now off to watch the girl’s summer concert, but not before our class of 2013 get together to finish off our babies’ school leaver’s book, armed with a pritt stick at the ready, as we reflect and look back on their time at Junior School, going through cute pictures, lovingly placed in a beautiful brown suede leaver’s books.  Memories I know she will treasure forever...oh for goodness sake pass me the tissues!!!!!

Much love Jools xxx


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