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We all know starting a family isn’t cheap, but Gurgle is here to help take some of your financial worries away. We have expert advice on bringing up baby without breaking the bank, including budget-friendly family ideas and clever ways to save money, as well as how to best budget for your maternity leave.

flexible-working-dismiss-the-stigmaMoney & Work

Flexible working: Dismiss the stigma

It's time to change the idea that mums need to choose between a rewarding career and motherhood.
your-essential-guide-to-getting-flexible-working-hoursMoney & Work

Your essential guide to getting flexible working hours

Going flex can be a mutually-beneficial business decision for you and your workplace.
workplace-discrimination-on-the-riseMoney & Work

Workplace discrimination on the rise?

Figures suggest pregnancy discrimination is on the rise as MPs demand action against the gender pay gap
pregnant-women-to-receive-3k-birth-budgetsMoney & Work

Pregnant women to receive £3k ‘birth budgets’

All pregnant women will be provided with a £3,000 maternity budget as a result of a national maternity review
how-much-does-it-cost-to-raise-a-childMoney & Work

How much does it cost to raise a child?

The real cost of raising a little one? £231,843 apparently.
hello-adviceMoney & Work

Introducing the new and exclusive Family Advice Big Value Pack

A unique service from HelloAdvice designed to save you money and ensure your loved ones are protected
how-to-save-for-christmasMoney & Work

How to save for Christmas

The best way to avoid any leftover Christmas money worries is to start planning ahead
bring-up-baby-without-breaking-the-bankMoney & Work

Bring up baby - without breaking the bank

Little one on the way or planning to start a family? Read our tips on financially preparing for parenthood
extending-free-childcare-fewer-nursery-placesMoney & Work

Extending free childcare could mean fewer places

The increase in free childcare hours could lead to fewer children being able to attend nursery
work-affecting-ability-to-conceiveMoney & Work

Work could be affecting your ability to conceive

Long hours and heavy loads could impact your ability to get pregnant
netflix-parental-leaveMoney & Work

Netflix leads the way with parental leave

Netflix is allowing employees unlimited parental leave during their child’s first year
mums-more-likely-to-face-workplace-discriminationMoney & Work

Mums more likely to face workplace discrimination

New mums and mums-to-be are facing more discrimination at work and are even losing their jobs

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dawn-of-the-sugar-taxMoney & Work

Dawn of the sugar tax?

The British Medical Association is calling for an end to marketing of sweets and sugary drinks to children
half-of-parents-not-using-free-childcareMoney & Work

Half of parents not using free childcare

50 per cent of parents of two-year-olds aren’t using the 15 hours a week of free childcare they’re entitled to
how-to-reclaim-air-taxes-for-under-12sMoney & Work

How to reclaim air taxes for under 12s

Find out now how you can claim a tax refund on child tickets fro your airline

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