Are raisins the right snack for toddlers?

Are raisins a healthy snack for toddlers?

Find out if you should be giving your kids raisins as a snack.

Are raisins the right snack for toddlers 1

What do you think about raisins as a snack for toddlers? Everyone seems to give them to their children but they’re so sweet and sticky that I’m not sure they’re the right thing.

There is a time and place for dried foods, and dentists tell us that this is after meals as part of a dessert.

A raisin is a dried grape; however, despite starting out the same, the two things are not equal. When any fruits are dried, their nutrients become concentrated and while that’s good, as a few raisins would give us more fibre, iron and potassium than the same number of grapes, it also concentrates the sugar and calories.

So I agree with you: dried fruit can be bad for teeth and aren’t the best thing to give as snacks throughout the day.

I also have to add another note of caution here – toddler ‘snacks’ should be part of their nutritional requirements, not really something to be given randomly during the day. However, the concentration of nutrients in dried fruits can be helpful; for example, dried figs are a good source of calcium.

I would follow the NHS advice, which is that the high sugar content of dried fruit can be bad for teeth, so they should only be given with meals or as a dessert, and never as a snack between meals.

Sara Patience


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