How to plan a perfect babymoon trip

How to plan the perfect babymoon trip

The babymoon, or last chance for a good while to have a holiday with just your partner, has massively increased in recent years according to The Little Domain. Unsurprisingly the idea of an expectant couple taking a babymoon is an American concept that has swept across to the UK in recent years.


Travelling when pregnant, especially air travel when pregnant, has safety issues to consider, so The Little Domain has put together some top tips for getting away on the perfect babymoon before your newborn arrives.

1. Choose your location carefully

While you want somewhere relaxing and peaceful, you'll probably want to make sure you aren't too far away from a hospital in the unlikely case of an emergency. Do your research before you book so you know where everything is and so you can put your mind at ease.

2. Stay somewhere comfortable

At any point of your pregnancy, even while on holiday, you are going to need lots of rest. A cosy romantic holiday cottage offers all of the comforts of being home and all the extras of being on holiday.

3. Spend romantic time together

Don't forget this is probably the last holiday you will take as just a couple so switch off your mobile phones because this is time just for the two of you. Enjoy quality time together doing the things you enjoy.

4. Reduce the travel stress

Travelling is often the last thing you want to do during pregnancy but not every journey has to be a stressful one. Avoid stuffy planes, busy trains and different time zones and choose a destination that you can reach in just a couple of hours in the car. It means less time sitting, which can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy, less toilet stops and you're not hundreds of miles away should you want to get home quickly.

5. Schedule plenty of time to relax

Ultimately this is what a babymoon is all about for the both of you. Don't plan an action-planned holiday to see all the sights, spend more time relaxing in each other's company.

6. Find the right balance

That doesn't mean to say don't go out exploring, you just don't need to rush around. Spend one day relaxing in front of the television and the next you could head out for a walk through the countryside, with a picnic in tow.

7. Pamper yourself

If you can't be pampered while you're expecting, then when can you? You know that as soon as your baby arrives it'll be sleepless nights and nappies-galore so now is the time to visit a spa, get your nails done or enjoy plenty of lie-ins. There's no harm in doing a little gentle exercise while pregnant, in fact it keeps your stamina up so it's a nice idea to choose a cottage with a swimming pool on site. Swimming makes you feel weightless which can be a real blessing when you start to feel a lot heavier.

8. Plan the right time to go

Go earlier rather than later, towards the end of your pregnancy you're less likely to enjoy some romantic one-on-one time with your partner. Once you've told all your friends and family, why don't you escape for a few days to celebrate your exciting news together? The safest time to take a babymoon is between 18 and 24 weeks, the morning sickness from your first trimester should be a distant memory and the uncomfortable third trimester won't have begun.

9. Get insured

If you're taking your trip a little later in your pregnancy then you might want to consider cancellation insurance just in case baby decides to surprise you early!

10. Tell your doctor

It's always a good idea to let your doctor know about your travel plans; they can put any worries out of your mind and give you any advice on travelling while pregnant. If you are on any medication, or are still suffering with morning sickness this is a good time to stock up.



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