Baby friendly holidays in the UK

Baby friendly holidays in the UK

Baby Friendly Holidays in the UK - What People Don’t Tell you About Going Away with Babies and Toddlers…

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Baby Friendly Holidays in the UK - What People Don’t Tell you About Going Away with Babies and Toddlers…

The mums at have put together a list of things you need to know so you can enjoy memorable adventures with your children.

Babies don’t travel light
Pack your car with everything you own, drive for ten minutes for petrol and buy some extra travel essentials then stop every half an hour until you reach your destination. A big beautiful garden with a play area will never have seemed so important to you.

Never underestimate the importance of a potty - ever
Drink two pints of water and wait half an hour, jump around and do a deep belly laugh; that crushing need to visit the loo is what your potty training toddler feels after her mid-morning juice. If you’re travelling around the beautiful countryside and they feel the urge, pull over safely and get the potty ready.

Top tip Bring a towel to place on the back seat or in the boot to go under the potty in case of rain – no one wants to be rained on when they need to go. The same goes for night time wees, a potty next to the bed for the first couple of days saves a midnight dash to the linen cupboard and a hot wash in the small hours. Hotels and B&Bs nearly always have ensuite rooms so the midnight run is a touch easier.

Tears and tantrums about the unfamiliar are normal
Have you ever dreamt that you are somewhere unfamiliar and nothing is quite right, you’re being chased by someone, driving a car that doesn’t work and babbling but not making sense? This is a little person in unfamiliar surroundings and they won’t hesitate to let you know how they feel.

Make sure they have their comforter and a baby bag or blanket that smells like them, snuggle their pyjamas in the car on the way to mark it with your mummy or daddy scent and take your own bedding that smells like home. A walk or run around in the fresh air and a cosy bed will provide a restful holiday for everyone.
Homes that are not your own need baby proofing – bring stair guards, plug covers, baby monitors and high chairs or a travel equivalent. Many holiday cottages and other accommodation providers will supply these handy extras so do check before you travel.

Booboos still hurt on holiday so be prepared
Think like “Ness the Nurse” by Nick Sharratt; she “has a nice kind face and has ten plasters in her case so if you’ve hurt yourself or worse, be sure to send for Ness the Nurse”; or mummy the nurse in real life. If you don’t have your Nursing degree, never fear, you can feel competent and in control with just a rudimentary first aid kit. Never leave home for protracted periods without a digital thermometer, copious supplies of Calpol, Bonjela, teething powders and the number for NHS direct.

Top tip Make sure you know the postcode of the place you’re staying in case of emergencies.

Choose your destination with your mini in mind
Holidaying in the UK rather than abroad does have some major benefits other than side stepping popping aeroplane ears, avoiding ‘Deet nostril’ from inhaling the mosquito spray and not having to cream up your small child every other hour of the day like basting a turkey for Christmas.

You can take a group holiday in a big house, explore areas of the UK you have never visited before such as Scotland, Cornwall, Wales or the Cotswolds and see what the UK can offer. You could teach your toddler about hiking in the Highlands or luxuriating in a hotel in Cornwall.

The South West is a super location for a family holiday thanks in part to the miles of coastline for sandcastle building, beachcombing and finding mermaid’s treasure. In Cornwall you can take a trip to the end of the land, walk in the footsteps of mythical giants and rest assured that fussy eaters will conquer their fears with the comforting tastes of Cornwall.

For more information and for some family friendly cottages complete with the handy essentials, play areas and even pets' corners visit or call the Holiday Cottages team on 01237 426733.


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