Fertility & Health

Whether you’ve just started trying for a baby or you’re struggling to conceive, our Gurgle experts have the best advice on keeping healthy at this time plus the best foods to boost fertility. We can help with information about ovulation and infertility, and if you’re thinking about fertility treatment or IVF.

fertility-buffet-the-food-of-fertilityFertility & Health

Fertility buffet: Foods to help conceive

Eating foods that contain certain vitamins can make a substantial difference when trying to conceive a baby.
how-to-get-pregnant-dietFertility & Health

Foods that will help you conceive

Which vitamins can help you conceive? Certain foods will really help — our guide will tell you everything you need
what-s-the-best-age-to-have-your-babiesFertility & Health

What's the best age to have your babies?

Whatever age you decide to start a family, make sure you read our guide what to expect
your-new-how-to-get-pregnant-dietFertility & Health

Your new how to get pregnant diet

Are there any foods that can help you conceive? Does your diet really make a difference? Here's our guide.
infertility-sperm-donation-2Fertility & Health

Is sperm donation the option for you? (2)

A sperm donor can be used to help when trying to have a baby if the man is sterile
why-does-implantation-bleeding-happenFertility & Health

Why does implantation bleeding happen?

We investigate what you need to know about implantation bleeding and what it means if you’re trying to conceive.

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fertility-mots-on-nhsFertility & Health

Should we have fertility MOTs?

The British Fertility Society has said women should be offered 'fertility MOTs' on the NHS from the age of 25
exercise-can-improve-your-fertilityFertility & Health

Exercise can improve your fertility

Exercise and weight loss can help improve the fertility of women suffering from PCOS
male-infertility-what-you-need-to-knowFertility & Health

Male infertility: what you need to know

Dr Gemma Castillón tells you what you can do about male infertility