Trying to conceive

If you are trying to conceive (TTC), whether it’s your first, second, third (or fourth!) baby, our experts at Gurgle are here to provide you with all the information you need about conception; from the best time of the month to try, to how long it will take you to get pregnant and early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

uks-first-miscarriage-research-centreTrying to conceive

UK's first miscarriage research centre

The UK’s first miscarriage research centre is being set up by Tommy’s to research why miscarriages happen
making-conception-funTrying to conceive

Making conception fun

Going at it like rabbits but still no bunny in the oven? Don't lose your sense of humour
nookie-friday-2015Trying to conceive

Get busy - it's Nookie Friday

Today is the most fertile day of the year – will you be celebrating National Conception Day?
ivf-postcode-lotteryTrying to conceive

The IVF postcode lottery

Could more women access IVF treatment on the NHS if a national tariff was introduced?
ivf-success-rates-could-rocketTrying to conceive

IVF success rates could rocket

Hopeful mums undergoing IVF could face an 80 per cent success rate as soon as next year
is-stress-hereditaryTrying to conceive

Is stress hereditary?

Research has found a link between male stress and their children’s own reaction to pressure
national-adoption-week-2015Trying to conceive

Too old at four?

It’s National Adoption Week this week, focusing on older children who face the longest wait to be adopted
more-twins-being-born-with-ivf-increaseTrying to conceive

More twins being born with IVF increase

More twins, triplets and quads are being born as more mums are having fertility treatments
pregnancy-tests-get-techTrying to conceive

Pregnancy tests just got technical

A new home pregnancy test could be capable of detecting everything from preeclampsia to twins
when-to-start-tryingTrying to conceive

When should you start trying?

A computer model can suggest when you may want to start trying for your first child
trying-for-a-baby-baby-making-positionsTrying to conceive

The best baby-making positions

Find out here the perfect baby making positions and common myths to know when trying to conceive
early-pregnancyTrying to conceive

Early Pregnancy: Signs and symptoms

Common signs and symptoms women feel in early pregnancy include morning sickness, fatigue, and a range of emotions

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before-you-begin-how-long-will-it-take-to-get-pregnantTrying to conceive

How long will it take to get pregnant?

How long will it take to get pregnant? Here is our Gurgle advice
testTrying to conceive

The science of conception

In case you didn’t pay attention to how babies were made in school, here’s the baby making low-down
am-i-pregnantTrying to conceive

Common signs of pregnancy

If you are experiencing tiredness, mood swings, cramps or cravings, you might be pregnant