Getting Pregnant

From getting pregnant to early signs of pregnancy, trying to conceive can be a confusing time for you and your partner. Our Gurgle experts are here to help with advice about fertility food, health, IVF treatments and the best sex positions to try. Plus, use our ovulation calendar to find out when you are most fertile.

when-to-start-tryingTrying to conceive

When should you start trying?

A computer model can suggest when you may want to start trying for your first child
what-is-natural-ivf-and-how-can-it-helpFertility & Health

What is natural IVF and how can it help?

Natural IVF pioneer Geeta Nargund explains about these gentler, safer and more affordable IVF methods around
before-you-begin-healthy-diet-for-mums-to-beFertility & Health

The healthiest foods for mums-to-be

Eating a balanced diet of the right foods can make a huge difference in your fertility when trying to conceive
trying-for-a-baby-baby-making-positionsTrying to conceive

The best baby-making positions

Find out here the perfect baby making positions and common myths to know when trying to conceive
is-embryo-donation-the-option-for-youFertility & Health

Is embryo donation the option for you?

Sometimes couples may need sperm, eggs or even embryos donated by other people to help them have a child
early-pregnancyTrying to conceive

Early Pregnancy: Signs and symptoms

Common signs and symptoms women feel in early pregnancy include morning sickness, fatigue, and a range of emotions
before-you-begin-how-long-will-it-take-to-get-pregnantTrying to conceive

How long will it take to get pregnant?

How long will it take to get pregnant? Here is our Gurgle advice
before-you-begin-healthy-diet-for-dads-to-beFertility & Health

The healthiest foods for dads-to-be

Dads-to-be can follow our healthy eating guide to make sure they are eating nutritiously prior to conception
testTrying to conceive

The science of conception

In case you didn’t pay attention to how babies were made in school, here’s the baby making low-down
am-i-pregnantTrying to conceive

Common signs of pregnancy

If you are experiencing tiredness, mood swings, cramps or cravings, you might be pregnant
ivf-what-happensTrying to conceive

Everything you need to know about IVF

IVF is an option for many couples who are finding it difficult to conceive naturally. Here, we explore the facts
stopping-contraception-stopping-contraceptionTrying to conceive

When and how to stop contraception

Once you have decided to get pregnant & stop all contraception, how long will it take to conceive your baby?

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what-affects-your-fertilityFertility & Health

What affects your fertility?

It's a topic constantly in the news, but what actually does affect your fertility? Find out from the specialist
video-expecting-lifeFertility & Health

Video: Expecting Life

Fertility is constantly in the news – but too rarely we hear the human stories behind the statistics
ivf-postcode-lotteryTrying to conceive

The IVF postcode lottery

Could more women access IVF treatment on the NHS if a national tariff was introduced?