Getting Pregnant

From getting pregnant to early signs of pregnancy, trying to conceive can be a confusing time for you and your partner. Our Gurgle experts are here to help with advice about fertility food, health, IVF treatments and the best sex positions to try. Plus, use our ovulation calendar to find out when you are most fertile.

trying-for-a-baby-while-at-the-in-lawsTrying to conceive

Trying for a baby at the in-laws?

Planning baby making at the parents? Squeaky bed springs are the least of your worries
what-causes-secondary-infertilityFertility & Health

What causes secondary infertility?

If you've already had a baby, it can be pretty frustrating when it’s harder to conceive the second time around
is-adoption-the-right-option-for-youTrying to conceive

Is adoption the right option for you?

Adoption might be something you consider if you’ve problems trying to conceive. Our guide will tell you more
what-is-causing-your-fertility-problemsFertility & Health

What is causing your fertility problems?

Getting pregnant isn't easy, and whilst some people get pregnant within a week of trying, others will take years
does-trying-for-a-baby-kill-a-sex-driveTrying to conceive

Does trying for a baby kill a sex drive?

Research shows that trying to conceive a baby can have a negative affect on your sex drive
pregnancy-tests-home-pregnancy-testsTrying to conceive

Home pregnancy tests for dummies

Home pregnancy tests are now so reliable (about 97% accurate) it’s all you need when you suspect you’re pregnant
trying-again-after-miscarriage-or-lossTrying to conceive

Trying Again After Miscarriage or Loss

If you've had a miscarriage it doesn't mean you’re more likely to miscarry again. Read our advice for trying again
how-diet-and-exercise-helps-conceptionFertility & Health

Trying for a baby? Healthy diet helps

Midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor Zita West offers help on diet and nutrition while trying to conceive
infertility-surrogacyTrying to conceive

Is surrogacy the right option for you?

Surrogacy may be a suitable option for those who can’t carry a child because of disease of the uterus
how-to-cope-with-fertility-treatmentFertility & Health

How to cope with fertility treatment

Starting on fertility treatment can be tough on relationships, try these tips on how to get through
should-home-births-become-normal-againFertility & Health

Should home births become normal again?

New NHS guidelines are to suggest more mothers should be giving birth at home rather than in you agree?
fertility-buffet-the-food-of-fertilityFertility & Health

Fertility buffet: Foods to help conceive

Eating foods that contain certain vitamins can make a substantial difference when trying to conceive a baby.

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what-affects-your-fertilityFertility & Health

What affects your fertility?

It's a topic constantly in the news, but what actually does affect your fertility? Find out from the specialist
video-expecting-lifeFertility & Health

Video: Expecting Life

Fertility is constantly in the news – but too rarely we hear the human stories behind the statistics
ivf-postcode-lotteryTrying to conceive

The IVF postcode lottery

Could more women access IVF treatment on the NHS if a national tariff was introduced?