Getting Pregnant

From getting pregnant to early signs of pregnancy, trying to conceive can be a confusing time for you and your partner. Our Gurgle experts are here to help with advice about fertility food, health, IVF treatments and the best sex positions to try. Plus, use our ovulation calendar to find out when you are most fertile.

how-to-get-pregnant-dietFertility & Health

Foods that will help you conceive

Which vitamins can help you conceive? Certain foods will really help — our guide will tell you everything you need
what-s-the-best-age-to-have-your-babiesFertility & Health

What's the best age to have your babies?

Whatever age you decide to start a family, make sure you read our guide what to expect
your-new-how-to-get-pregnant-dietFertility & Health

Your new how to get pregnant diet

Are there any foods that can help you conceive? Does your diet really make a difference? Here's our guide.
infertility-sperm-donationTrying to conceive

Is sperm donation the option for you?

A sperm donor can be used when trying to have a baby if the man has a low sperm count
infertility-sperm-donation-2Fertility & Health

Is sperm donation the option for you? (2)

A sperm donor can be used to help when trying to have a baby if the man is sterile
why-does-implantation-bleeding-happenFertility & Health

Why does implantation bleeding happen?

We investigate what you need to know about implantation bleeding and what it means if you’re trying to conceive.
am-i-pregnant-quizGetting Pregnant

Am I pregnant?

If you're experiencing any of the early signs of pregnancy, take our online quiz to find out whether you could...
trying-for-a-babyTrying to conceive

Trying for a baby

If you are trying for a baby, look at gurgle's guides and tools for conception, fertility and baby making
ovulation-ovulationTrying to conceive

TTC? Use our ovulation calculator

Getting pregnant can sometimes be harder than you think, so here's our guide to the ins and outs of ovulation
ovulationGetting Pregnant

Ovulation Calculator

Use our easy calculator to work out when your most fertile days are this month and the best time to...
food-and-fertility-the-facts-to-knowTrying to conceive

Food and fertility: The facts to know

If you're trying for a baby take a look at these helpful nutritional tips

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what-affects-your-fertilityFertility & Health

What affects your fertility?

It's a topic constantly in the news, but what actually does affect your fertility? Find out from the specialist
video-expecting-lifeFertility & Health

Video: Expecting Life

Fertility is constantly in the news – but too rarely we hear the human stories behind the statistics
ivf-postcode-lotteryTrying to conceive

The IVF postcode lottery

Could more women access IVF treatment on the NHS if a national tariff was introduced?