Top tips on planning a beautiful baby shower

Top tips on planning a beautiful baby shower

From the gifts to the games, how to plan a beautiful grown-up baby shower for mums-to-be


As we’ve started to follow in America’s footsteps of throwing a baby shower, or in some case ‘sprinkles’ (for second or third arrivals), the trend isn’t showing any sign of abating. Although the little bundle is yet to arrive, the lead up for parents, friends and family can be very exciting.

Laura Richardson, chief host of Browns offers her top tips on getting the shower just right:

Location, location, location

Depending on the number of people you plan to invite, many restaurants and local hotels have a room you can hire for the afternoon to provide a bit of space and privacy.

Not only does this give you a blank canvas to work with when thinking about layout and decorations, but also puts the catering and washing up into somebody else’s capable hands, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Think outside the box

Most parents-to-be will have a lot of the baby stuff they need already, particularly if it’s not their first. Think about giving the expectant parents presents just for them.

Why not offer your time instead? Vouchers offering to mow the lawn once a month or picking up the weekly shop will be well received, and once the little one arrives, the new parents will be sure to cash them in.

Imagine what they would want

When organising an event, one question should always be in your mind: what would they want? Before planning anything, take 10 minutes to write down everything that reminds you of the parents-to-be.

This could include their favourite colours, or more abstract facts, such as a love for theme parks. Simply getting it on paper will give you a springboard of ideas to work from, but make sure to reference it throughout the planning process to keep you on track.

Get all parties involved

It’s not just one person who’s about to welcome a new addition into their home, and baby showers needn’t be a female-only affair. Inviting the father, grandfather, uncle etc. to-be is a way of making sure you’re celebrating that both of their lives are about to change. It makes it a celebration for the whole family, as well as having more people to delegate task to.

Tasks could range from creating a playlist to scouting out the location. It makes it that much more enjoyable and stress-free, as well as giving those who want to be more involved the opportunity to do so.

Unleash your inner artist

Alongside a host of baby-themed games, give your guests a chance to dress your future tot. Set up a table with a selection of plain onesies and bibs alongside fabric pens and paints. Be prepared to come away with clothes emblazoned with the phrase ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’.

Not only is this a nice hands-on activity for your guests to get into, but they’ll also come away with a fully-stocked wardrobe full of memories from the day.

Have fun with the theme

Traditional pastels are nice for any baby shower, but don’t be afraid to branch out and pick something bolder. If your parents-to-be have a favourite holiday destination (ie. Mexico) why not theme it around that?

Little quirks and touches like a baby bottle piñata and nachos instead of canapés can easily tie into the theme without straying too far from the traditional baby shower format. And, it will mean a lot to them that you picked something so personal to them.

Ensure the timing’s right

Most mums wait until their second or third trimesters to hold a shower, so booking the shower for any time within this six-month period is perfect.

Avoid the month before the due date, as you’re running the risk of the baby making an unexpected arrival. leaving all your plans on the back-burner until the parents have a spare afternoon, which is hard to come by when you’re juggling a newborn.

Enjoy yourself

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Baby showers are all about the celebration of new life and getting your friends and family ready for the next chapter.


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