Get crafty this Christmas

Get crafty this Christmas

Have fun with your little ones making decorations this season. Try your hands - big or small - at these inspiring ideas, including some delicious edible gifts.

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Reindeer thumbprint baubles - Little Bit Funky

Such a cute, Christmassy alternative to getting a print of your child's hand. For once, encourage your tot to get their messy, paint-plastered fingers all over the ornaments, and then you can add in the eyes, nose and antlers to make reindeer faces and finish off these lovely homemade tree decorations.

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Bead and pipecleaner icicles - Happy Hooligans

These Christmas tree icicles couldn't be simpler - they're just pipe cleaners and beads! Even the tots can try their little hands at these. As Jackie says on her blog, crafts like these are a great motor activity for developing hand-eye coordination. Et voila! A quick family activity that doesn't need much time and won't make any mess (apart from perhaps the odd stray bead lost between the floorboards!).

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Frosted pinecones - Flutter Flutter

These painted pinecones are minimum on effort, maximum on effect - and the messier and more haphazard the little one's painting, the better they'll look! You can then hang them from the tree, dot them around the house or pile them up as a centrepiece for Christmas Day dinner to help the children feel involved with the day's festivities.

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Felt Christmas tree garland - Little Button Diaries

Children love felt, it's a great sensory experience for them. Let the kiddies loose with the safety scissors and green felt for this lovely mantlepiece or window decoration - you could even add to them with your own seasonal stitchings if you're a dab hand with the needle and thread yourself. 

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Toilet roll reindeer - Happy Hooligans 

A fun, festive way to reuse your old toilet rolls. All you need is to paint the rolls, or cover them in brown wallpaper samples (just ask at your local shop), and then simply add pipe cleaners for antlers, googly eyes and a red button nose. 

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Peanut butter reindeer cookies - Bakergirl

The best gifts are arguably the edible ones and these adorable peanut butter reindeer cookies are a fantastic idea for a rushed present job or contributing food to a group Christmas party that the little ones will love. Deceptively simple, nobody will know how easy they are to decorate - no piping bags required here! As long as you've got M&M's and chocolate pretzels, you're sorted. They also work just as well with sugar cookies or gingerbread.

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Snowflake mobile - Let's Do Something Crafty

This festive mobile doesn't take any time at all - all it involves is cutting out the snowflakes, threading through the string and attaching them to a line of wire or stick. If you do decide to hang them from a twig, you can even go out to the woods together and let them pick it. Fresh air, creative crafts, and a simple decoration you can crack out year after year.


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