Messy Business!


There's no denying that feeding babies is a messy business!

It's not so bad in the early days, when you are feeding your baby from a spoon, because you are pretty much in control of where the food goes!

But once you introduce finger foods to your baby or give him his own spoon, then you'll be AMAZED by just how much mess one little person can create!

Probably the most important tip we can offer you at this point is to TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THE MESS and just enjoy these special moments with your baby.

If you're a particularly tidy person, it's not easy to sit back and watch your baby cover everything with food when your instincts are screaming at you to get it all cleaned up!

But babies NEED to make a mess at first! It is very important for them to learn about the textures as well as the tastes of different foods. It is also important for them to have the freedom to control what they are eating - as our "How Much Should My Baby Be Eating?" page explains, this actually plays a crucial part in the body's ability to regulate its own calorie intake. Interfering with this innate ability can lead to weight problems in later life.

And, of course, your baby needs to be allowed to hold the spoon in order to learn to feed himself.


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