A Dads View

What does becoming a parent really feel like for dads? Find out from gurgle.com’s resident dad Tom Dunmore. Read his honest male perspective and discover a Dad’s view on everything from tackling tricky toddler tantrums to trying to keep the romance alive.

a-dads-view-girls-cliquey-boysA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Are girls more cliquey than boys?

Are girls more cliquey than boys, Tom wonders, as he tries to persuade his daughter and her friends to play...
a-dads-view-picky-eatersA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Picky eaters

Faced with a pair of picky eaters, Tom Dunmore wonders how to stop mealtimes becoming a battleground
a-dads-view-dressing-upA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Dressing-up

Tom Dunmore is surprised to find himself mildly traumatised by his fun-loving son’s dressing-up antics
a-dads-view-scandi-christmasA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Scandi Christmas

His children are set on Christmas in Norway, can Tom Dunmore dissuade them?
a-dads-view-perils-of-early-parenthoodA Dad's View

A Dad's View: The perils of early parenthood

A visiting toddler puts Tom Dunmore through his paces, reminding him of the perils of early parenthood
a-dads-view-bedtime-storiesA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Bedtime stories

Making up stories leaves Tom Dunmore in awe of children's books and the imagination of his children
a-dads-view-pushy-parentsA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Pushy parents

Looking out for your kids is all well and good, says Tom Dunmore, but pushy parents are taking it too...
a-dads-view-learning-new-skillsA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Learning new skills

When your children are learning a new skill it can be a rough and tumble experience - and not just...
a-dads-view-sticky-situationsA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Sticky situations

A combination of potty training and a malfunctioning toilet leaves Tom Dunmore in a sticky situation
a-dad-s-view-don-t-be-outmanoeuveredA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Don't be outmanoeuvered

He's never felt competitive, but Tom Dunmore doesn't want to be outmanoeuvered by other dads
a-dad-s-view-23-kids-and-the-cityA Dad's View

A Dad's View 23: Kids and the city

Confusion over the identity of a pig leads Tom Dunmore to question the wisdom of raising children in the city
a-dad-s-view-photos-losing-their-magicA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Photos losing magic?

Now that it's so easy to document our lives, Tom Dunmore wonders whether photos are losing their magic

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a-dad-s-view-still-a-city-boy-at-heartA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Still a city boy at heart

Getting back to nature is all very well in short bursts, but it makes Tom Dunmore realise he's still a...
a-dad-s-view-creative-children-messyA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Creative kids = messy

His children's imaginations fills Tom Dunmore with pride, but he wishes it wasn't so messy
a-dad-s-view-will-clothes-ever-be-cleanA Dad's View

A Dad's View 19: Will my clothes ever be clean again?

A second child teaches you kids are tough. But they can still alarm you, Tom Dunmore discovers