A Dads View

What does becoming a parent really feel like for dads? Find out from gurgle.com’s resident dad Tom Dunmore. Read his honest male perspective and discover a Dad’s view on everything from tackling tricky toddler tantrums to trying to keep the romance alive.

a-dad-s-view-restful-family-breakA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Restful family break?

When listing necessities for a restful family break, Tom Dunmore includes a smitten waitresses and the grandparents
a-dad-s-view-competitive-parentsA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Competitive parents

Kids birthday parties bring out competitive streaks, tears and tantrums, and that's just dads as Tom Dunmore discovers
a-dad-s-view-tiredness-creeps-inA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Tiredness creeps in

Developing a philosophical attitude towards tiredness helps Tom Dunmore understand what's important about being a dad
a-dad-s-view-where-to-spend-christmasA Dad's View

A Dad’s view: Where to spend Christmas

Having started the 'where shall we spend Christmas?' debate early, Tom Dunmore has a surprise that makes him rethink
a-dad-s-view-all-about-the-quality-timeA Dad's View

A Dad’s View: All about quality time

Our resident dad Tom Dunmore orchestrates more quality time with his baby and finds it's the simple things that count
dad-column-2-the-need-to-babyproofA Dad's View

A Dad's View: The need to babyproof

Our resident new dad Tom Dunmore discovers there's more to life than padlocking cupboards and protecting a DVD player
dad-column-1-becoming-a-dad-now-whatA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Becoming a dad, now what?

New dad Tom Dunmore tries to figure out what being a dad is all about as baby Ava arrives to...
a-dad-s-view-how-do-i-tackle-tantrumsA Dad's View

A Dad's View: How do I tackle tantrums?

Best way of coping with toddler tantrums? Tom Dunmore wishes there was a magic formula
a-dad-s-view-i-want-a-selfish-christmasA Dad's View

A Dad's View: I want a selfish Christmas

Bold new traditions and silly dancing are top of the list for Tom Dunmore as he looks forward to a...

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a-dad-s-view-still-a-city-boy-at-heartA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Still a city boy at heart

Getting back to nature is all very well in short bursts, but it makes Tom Dunmore realise he's still a...
a-dad-s-view-creative-children-messyA Dad's View

A Dad's View: Creative kids = messy

His children's imaginations fills Tom Dunmore with pride, but he wishes it wasn't so messy
a-dad-s-view-will-clothes-ever-be-cleanA Dad's View

A Dad's View 19: Will my clothes ever be clean again?

A second child teaches you kids are tough. But they can still alarm you, Tom Dunmore discovers