Lucy Mangan says

Gurgle magazine’s columnist Lucy Mangan offers witty words of wisdom on being a modern mum. Discover her honest opinion on how she deals with motherhood; from family holidays to what the differences between mums and dads are (a matter of three feet we hear?)

how-does-one-give-birth-like-a-princessLucy Mangan says

How to give birth like a Princess

As the Duchess of Cambridge prepares to give birth to the new royal baby, Lucy Mangan explain how act like...
lucy-mangan-talks-on-meeting-friend-s-new-babyLucy Mangan says

Lucy Mangan meets a friend's new baby

Meeting a friend's new baby is an emotional moment, filling Lucy Mangan with gladness, amazement and a touch of sadness.
lucy-says-first-aid-and-common-senseLucy Mangan says

Lucy Mangan on first aid and common sense

Lucy Mangan hot-foots it to a first aid course
motherhood-words-of-wisdomLucy Mangan says

Motherhood words of wisdom

What words of wisdom did a child-rearing guru mum-of-eight have to share with Lucy Mangan?
lucy-mangan-pregnancy-tipsLucy Mangan says

Lucy Mangan's 10 top pregnancy tips

When your friend announces she's pregnant, what's the best advice you can give her? Lucy offers a ten-point plan
do-it-like-the-swedesLucy Mangan says

Do it like the Swedes says Lucy Mangan

The Swedish attitude to equality, parenthood and chocolate puts us to shame, says Lucy Mangan
lucy-mangan-christmas-spiritLucy Mangan says

Lucy Mangan talks Christmas spirit

What is it about the festive season that melts every mama's heart? Turns out it's more than the tinsel
lucy-mangan-modern-mums-dream-houseLucy Mangan says

The modern mum's dream house

What does a modern mum's dream house look like? Lucy is building hers in her head - as you do
lucy-mangan-familyholidaysLucy Mangan says

Family holidays

Packing your family's hopes and dreams into your luggage is simple. You'd think, says Lucy Mangan
lucy-mangan-hotel-maternelleLucy Mangan says

Hotel Maternelle

Being a mum can be emotionally draining - how about some me-time in an imaginary hotel? says Lucy Mangan
lucy-mangan-getting-steamed-upLucy Mangan says

Getting steamed up

If feeding your family is a basic instinct, how come some of us get all steamed up over dinner, asks...
pay-it-forwardLucy Mangan says

Lucy Mangan says: Pay it forward

We all think we know what to buy a new mum. But until you've had your own you haven't a...

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the-difference-between-mums-and-dadsLucy Mangan says

Difference between mums and dads

What's the difference between mums and dads? Asks Lucy Mangan. A matter of about three feet as it turns out