Mummy vloggers to watch

Mummy vloggers to watch

Vlogging – it's the new blogging and mums are getting in on the act. Discover who's worth following from our pick of the best

Hannah Maggs

We love mummy vloggers. They're funny, they tell it as it is, and they don't sugar coat the ups and downs of being a mum. And we are totally hooked on their YouTube channels. Here are our favourites, compiled by Katherine Price.

The Chiappas

These Welsh-Italian sisters love their food and the table is the central focus of their lives – including the baby high chair table! Michela Chiappa has compiled playlists of healthy, fresh recipes for little ones from purées to weaning food (although it all looks so good you'll want to nibble yourself). As well as pasta dishes and teething biscuits for her little Fiamma she even shows you how to adapt recipes for older children and adults to keep washing up to a minimum, and how to introduce new foods to your child for the first time.

The Michalaks

A beauty blogger turned mummy vlogger, these beautifully shot vlogs of her family are addictive watching. Even though we'll never be as cool as Hannah, seeing her contending with two hours sleep, no make-up and a screaming baby while trying to get him onto a feeding schedule reminds us that even the cool kids suffer through the same issues as the rest of us. Oh, and did we mention they're besties with Zoella and Alfie?

Natasha Bailie

We love Natasha for her enduring honesty – she rants, she vents, and she admits to all her 'bad' habits and spending nap times catching up with Orange is the New Black. And she's addicted to her Nutribullet as much as we are.


An Irish family living in London, the adorable Emilia and Eduardo have taken on the challenge of documenting every (yes, every) moment of their lives from the birth of their first child. And we mean from birth – they filmed the births of their children and put them on YouTube for the world to see. But there's plenty more if you don't fancy sitting through those videos, too.

Alex Gladwin

Alex documents her adventures, travel and pregnancy – and recently welcoming baby Logan to the family! We love her beautiful video of introducing tot Ethan to his new little brother. She's documenting all the magical moments with her little ones as well as talking through her experiences of pregnancy week by week.

Charlotte Peach

Ironic, funny and honest, Charlotte (mummy to toddler Sophie) has a wicked sense of humour. We love her honest experience of breastfeeding, but above all her 'how not to craft' is pure hilarity of epic proportions.

The Giggles Family

Jules Furness uploads weekly vlogs on what the Giggles Family have been up to from eventful dentist visits with a one-year-old to getting changed in car parks – any of that sound familiar? Even their little jobs like cooking and painting have become compulsive watchathons and we are utterly hooked on keeping up with her family life with baby Josh.

Charlotte Louise Taylor

Otherwise known as Charl Taylor, Charl and two-year-old tot Bill tell it as it is, from motherhood, being a single mum and co-parenting, even to the weekly food shops and trying to get the family to eat a bit healthier. It's emotional, there are tears – and her reaction to some kind-hearted viewer sending her a multi-jar opener is the cutest thing.

Isabel Brandon

Isabel gives an adorable insight into her life with baby Oliver. A young mum who got pregnant in her second year of uni, Isabel is taking a gap year while boyfriend Nate is taking his final year exams – and on top of this Oliver was born 11 weeks prematurely and spent eight weeks in hospital. But they've all come out the other end happy and positive and looking forward to the future as a family. Aww, we love a happy ending!


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