How to get organised this spring

How to get organised this spring

Want to maximise your efficiency and get motivated? Check out our top tips to spring clean your life


There’s no better time to get organised than spring, so we’ve got some mum motivation for you – organisational therapist Joan Kingsley shares her advice:

Perfect mums exist in the world of fantasy; good mums are rooted in reality. Good mums accept their imperfections, allow for mistakes, and acknowledge complicated feelings of overpowering love mingled with feelings of ambivalence.

Once you’ve settled your baby into a reliable routine it’s time to focus on yourself. Keeping on top of things is never easy when life is so unpredictable. Looking after yourself and setting some ground rules is challenging. It’s hard to get started but once you have you’ll never look back.


  • Set up an exercise schedule and stick to it. If you make it a habit over a period of time you're more likely to keep doing it.
  • Set aside some time every week for pampering. An hour at the hairdressers or getting your nails done are wonderful pick-me-ups. If you can fit in a massage that’s even better.
  • Try to at least go for a short walk every day. It’s a scientific fact that walking is essential for mind, body and spirit.
  • Accept that sometimes stuff happens that will throw you off course; return to your routine as soon as you can but don't let change throw you.
  • Keep a journal of your baby’s progress and take time to reflect on those special moments and milestones.
  • Read to your baby. You’d be surprised what your baby can absorb. The sound of your voice fills a baby with love and wonder and reading to your baby creates an unbreakable bond.
  • Try and stick to a schedule that works for you and for your baby. Babies feel safe with boundaries and structure.


  • Let clutter rule your life. Try to do a clear out now and again and get rid of all the things you don't need in your life or your home.
  • Hang onto things. If you’ve been staring at the same magazines for months it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to read them - give them to your local GP surgery or hospital.
  • Keep clothing you if you haven’t worn for a year - there's probably a reason you haven't worn it! Take it to your local charity shop or flog it on eBay.
  • Spend your free moments sending texts and checking social media. You wouldn't want to miss your child's first steps or first words because you were busy on your phone. As they get older ensuring there's a separation between screen time and family time where the children have your full attention is important and sets a good example.

The most important thing is to enjoy these years of magic. Every day is a miracle filled with love, excitement and joy.

Joan Kingsley is an organisational psychotherapist and author of The Fear-Free Organization (Kogan Page).


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