How to be an Eco-mum on a budget

How to be an Eco-mum on a budget 

Can you be eco-aware without blowing the baby budget? 

eco leander stoolset

Remember your baby shower when your friends bought you gorgeous organic baby clothes, bath oils and soaps for your new arrival? Have you found yourself going back to those lovely baby skincare ranges and brands, or do you find that now the baby is here you just don’t have the time or expense to become as eco-aware as you’d like? Terese Hoffeldt, founder of Danish brand Hevea, a company that produces sustainable products with stylish design for parents, looks at the best eco products on the market, without compromising on quality, or price.

'Living sustainably is necessary if we want to have a planet Earth in the future for our grandchildren and their generations' says Terese, 'Global warming is a serious matter and as parents we should try to make our own contribution whether it be big or small to minimize our carbon footprint, and that of our children. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes when you start thinking about a sustainable way of living by choosing quality over quantity, and changing the small things in your lifestyle so that your everyday is as simple and as pure as possible, ultimately becoming better for the environment. 
It wasn't an easy task, but my top eco-aware products for 2012 all combine design, price, functionality and sustainable, environmentally responsible thinking'

Like many Scandinavian products, this desk from Leander (above) is clean, simple and functional. There are no corners, and the chair has hinges so it moves with the growing child to support his/her back. The chairs tuck away under the table when not in use so it's really practical for parents too.


Hang on

Based and inspired by a 1960's design, these gorgeous Hookie children's hangers are made from eco-friendly plastic (No PVC, or dendocrine disrupting compounds) The colours used are non toxic and approved for food production. In rainbow colours they will look bright and beautiful, it seems a shame really that they will be hanging on the inside of the wardrobe.

£2.75 baby hanger, £2.95 junior hanger


Mini mouse

Beautiful ethical brand Pololo, (meaning my friend for life in Spanish) has made shoes, boots and trainers from a few months old up to toddler. The exciting thing is, they are made from 100% soft leather, vegetable tanned, which conform to the feet, chrome free and uncoated so the leather (and your little ones teeny toes) can breathe. They are also certified hypoallergenic.

From £28.99,

Wash me

It's amazing how much we waste when we really think about it. 'I for one', says Terese, 'quite easily go through wads of eye makeup remover pads and cotton wool, so how refreshing to find a brand that has come up with a novel idea of saving on waste and helping the environment at the same time'.

Imse Vimse washable cotton wool pads are soft and kind on your skin, and when you are finished, just throw them in the machine and re use.

Pack of 10 cleansing pads in organic cotton, £9.49


Forest friends

Terese says 'there are so many smart little things we can do that save the planet's resources. 
I do really like attractive, eye catching and simply designed things, and I would rather live in a small house in a pretty location rather then a big house in a less pretty setting.  I also like brands that use different materials in a creative way that make use of our resources - such as rice husks, bamboo, renewable woods, organic cottons and towelling. Many of them are waste products from one industry or another so it's recycling and upcycling, that importantly don't compromise on function'

100% Organic wool and cotton Klippan forest mobile £25

Flip bike

Designed by a couple from New Zealand, the Flip bike is a 3-in-1 bicycle, rocking horse, and a walker.  Rock, walk, or ride, each stage is designed to grow with your child. It's very simple to convert to each use - no screwdrivers necessary - you just flip it. Having won awards for it's innovation, every single ethical box is ticked - packaging, materials for use and simplicity. We like.


pan style="font-size: 14pt;">Gummy bears

This 100% natural rubber Panda teether encourages your baby’s natural gnawing action, and the best thing about it is it's free from phthalates, colours, PVC & EVAtane, silicone & BPA. It's sustainably produced and even the packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials printed in soy ink.


Going potty

This British brand has designed an ergonomically designed BecoPotty that is comfortable and easy for your little one to use. The high back offers extra support, while the large splash guard helps keep potty training hygienic. The potty is made from sustainably sourced bamboo and rice husks, the waste products of the rice industry.


Radical thinking

The organic cotton Fairtrade company Little Green Radicals use means the farmers and their families don’t run the risk of bring poisoned by nasty pesticides and the clothes won’t irritate the skin of little ones. The water used for dying the garments is treated and recycled and the dyes are azo, formaldehyde and chlorine free.

By choosing Fairtrade you’re also helping small-scale cotton farmers, their families and whole communities. It actually improves lives by providing a guaranteed fair price for the famers plus an additional social premium that is spent on essential medical care and education for their families and the whole community.

Oscar Owl Tee, £14, Baby Teal Striped Joggers, £10.50,


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