Top tips for car journeys with kids

Top tips for car journeys with kids

Holidays are fun for all the family, but getting there can feel more like hard work with little ones in tow. 


Travelling with babies and toddlers can raise your stress levels before your holiday has started, but don't panic, web editor Sarah Sheere shares her tips to help you avoid the tears, moans and repetition of "are we there yet?"

  1. Pick the right time of day

    Picking the right time of day for your car journey can help with your baby or toddler's mood for travelling. If you can drive through the night while your little one sleeps peacefully in the back, can make all the difference. Failing this, make sure your little one is fed and dry before setting off. The more comfortable she is, the more content she will be to sit for longer.

  2. Come prepared

    With the best planning in the world, little ones will often pick their own times of when they decide they're hungry and thirsty. Make sure you come prepared with plenty of drinks and snacks but keep them hidden until you decide to give them to her, if she sees them, she will suddenly be 'hungry' even if she has just finished lunch!

  3. Comfort is the key

    The more comfortable she is, the more happy she will be, so think about bringing along her comforters whether it's a special blanket, cuddly toy or pillow, this will help her feel calm and content on the journey.

  4. Distractions and games
    If you feel she is getting restless in the back, engage her in conversation. For babies favourite sounds and songs that usually make her laugh can help and for toddlers, try engaging her in a game to spot red cars on the road for example, to help pass the time in a more fun way.

  5. Break up the journey

    When planning your car journey with little ones, do bear in mind she may get restless at points and try and plan in a scheduled stop every hour and a half or so, to allow her to get out her seat for a little while and move around, the break and using up of energy will greatly help the smoothness of the rest of the journey.


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