Four mums on baby weight

Four mums on tackling the baby weight

Wonder if you'll ever get back in your pre-baby jeans? Four mums share how they tackled the baby weight, meet our mums:


Were you worried about gaining weight when you discovered you were pregnant?

ALL: Yes!

KIRSTY: You just don’t know what your body is going to do. I was worried I was just going to balloon and get massive.

BONNIE: I worried with my first baby, but I was happy about the boobs when they arrived.

KIRSTY: I didn’t want mine to get bigger!

ABIGAIL: I was worried at the beginning, but I stayed quite neat. I walked everywhere.

CAROLINE: I was so sick for the first four months of my pregnancy, weight gain was the last thing on my mind to be honest.

Did you watch the calories or did your appetite and cravings rule?

CAROLINE: When I was feeling ill I was just eating starchy things – bread and pasta. When the sickness went, I tried to eat a bit better.

BONNIE: I went crazy for white food, too – bread, pasta, rice. I just felt like I had to eat that, I needed the energy. But I had a juicer. It was easier to drink vegetables and fruit.

KIRSTY: I didn’t calorie count really but I snacked constantly, rather than ate big meals. Oh, but ice cream! I got a really sweet tooth.

CAROLINE: Really? I went right off sugar.

ABIGAIL: I ate quite well, but that’s more to do with my husband, he’s really healthy, goes to the gym all the time. But at various baby showers and so on, I scoffed everything.

Changing body
Did you gain much weight (other than belly)?

CAROLINE: Not really, it was just my middle.

BONNIE: I gained more with my second baby, but I never weighed myself. I just new that I was buying size 14 clothes, rather than size 8 to 10. Once I started getting bigger, I just accepted that and allowed it to happen. I didn’t worry about it.

ABIGAIL: I weighed myself once, at the gym, and I’d put on a, stone with three months still to go. Most of it was round the middle. I’m still sucking in!

KIRSTY: I put on about two stone in all, and I didn’t really want to put on any more. I’d read that was about average, so that felt Ok.

How did you feel about the way your body changed during pregnancy?

ABIGAIL: I didn’t feel too bad, really. My body didn’t change that dramatically, or at least everything that did happen was so gradual, it wasn’t shocking.

BONNIE: With my first pregnancy, I had this weird water retention. My face, my hands, everywhere was really swollen. Even my lips! At my baby shower, I looked like I’d had lip fillers. But I didn’t get any stretch marks!

KIRSTY: I wasn’t as horrified as I was expecting to be. It’s strange though. You know your body so well, and then it’s like you have someone else’s body.

ABIGAIL: Like you’ve been hijacked!

KIRSTY: And then because your shape changes, your style changes. I enjoyed being pregnant in the summer because I could rock the maxi dress look.

CAROLINE: I was amazed that my bump just suddenly started appearing. It’s incredible.

Did you find your body shape or weight was a hot topic for other people?

CAROLINE: Yes, I found that strange. I remember going shopping and some woman asked me if I was having twins. It's odd how strangers come up and touch your bump, and feel happy to comment on what you look like.

 KIRSTY I remember being told I was 'neat' a lot, and I didn't like it. I wanted to look pregnant.

ABIGAIL: I think maybe other people just can't get it right, though. If someone says to you, 'You're huge,' you would think, 'How rude!' But if they tell you that you look tiny, your reaction is, 'BUT I'M PREGNANT!'

BONNIE: You feel like they're implying the baby isn't healthy or something.

ABIGAIL: Or you're starving yourself!

BONNIE: You want people to know you're pregnant. The first time a person gives up a seat for you, you think 'Yesss!'

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