Postnatal depression - your letters

Postnatal depression - your letters

Our postnatal depression feature really struck a chord with readers – here's a selection of the letters we received


Our 10 Celebs on... Postnatal Depression feature in the March issue of Gurgle really struck a chord with readers – here is a selection of the letters we received. We’re glad that those who wrote in have found the strength to seek help; for those who are still suffering, the support groups mentioned in the feature are:

Association for Post Natal Illness
Mothers for Mothers
Action on Postpartum Psychosis


'From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your feature on celebrities and their experiences of postnatal depression (PND) in the March 2016 issue. I finally spoke to my health visitor after suffering in silence for six months. I have a friend who is currently going through the same experience and I recently told her I wish PND was talked about more openly, only to read your article a few days later! Thank you for raising awareness that it’s more than just the "baby blues", and that there are organisations that can help.'


'Thank you for your enlightening PND feature. I have relocated back to the UK from Australia with my family, and am so glad of this magazine as I have left my support network behind. This article has made me realise I don’t need to feel ashamed of the postnatal anxiety I have been suffering since the birth of my now almost ten-month-old. I can relate to some of the symptoms the celebrities have mentioned, and while I too feel like I have been in a big black hole, I am determined to take strength from this and seek the help that I need. Thank you for bringing to light something that is not spoken about often – and for making me realise I am not alone in this.'


'Just wanted to say thank you so much for 10 Celebs on... Postnatal Depression. I suffer with this and it's hard to admit your feelings to others. Plus, with the constant bombardment of "perfect family" statuses on social media, it's really easy to feel isolated and as though you're the only person struggling. We need to see more articles like yours, normalising the difficult emotions; hopefully they will help make the subject easier to talk about.'


'I just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you for your feature on celebrities with postnatal depression. Having very recently come out of some very dark days (and weeks) after the birth of my first baby, and yet finding not a lot of support from my healthcare provider, I was so pleased to see you not only highlighting the issue – which every mother believes is only affecting her – but also including genuine recommendations from well-known people on how to combat each anxiety. I've no doubt this article helped many women who are still suffering; thank you.'


'Another great issue of Gurgle. I don't usually write letters to magazines but felt compelled to write to you about a particular feature, so here goes! I found 10 Celebs on... Postnatal Depression incredibly useful and encouraging. As a previous sufferer of PND I feel it is so important for information to be available for new mums who are too scared to speak out about how they feel, in case they are judged. PND can occur in all sorts of walks of life but sadly does not get much media coverage to raise awareness. As a society we need to stop making it such a taboo subject, then maybe more mums will come forward and get the help that they need. Thank you very much.'


'Thank you for another edition of your magazine packed full of information on pregnancy, parenting and more, children’s health, and expert advice. I was particularly interested to see your feature on postnatal depression – a lot of the stories rang true with me. I didn't realise I was suffering from PND after the birth of my second son. My husband and my mother recognised there was something wrong, but I just felt quite detached from what was happening to me and not involved in what was going on. Four months down the line, with their persuasion I sought help from my doctor and started the road to recovery by seeing a counselor, but I do feel I was robbed of four months of my son's life. However, he's very much cherished now. It's important to know that although this is a serious illness, you do get better.'


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