Quick exercise tips for busy mums

Quick exercise tips for busy mums

Jemma Thomas, a qualified personal trainer, has found ways to fit in quick, high intensity exercise into her daily life as a mother

Quick exercise tips for busy mums

As a working mum of 2 boys I get it, I know what it’s like to feel under pressure, looking at the looming to-do list and putting anything that is for yourself right to the bottom of that list - I actually re-booked a massage appointment 7 times before getting to it, the therapist wasn’t best pleased!

Anyway, this lack of time lead me to me something that I thought would help, something I actually used! I’m a qualified personal trainer and even so found it hard to fit the workouts in.

So I decided to make my day full of ‘mini workouts’. This involved fitting in bursts of activity first thing in the morning, whilst making breakfast, at a coffee break etc. I even did a few minutes squat session in the toilets once while I was waiting in the queue!

I found that by doing a few minutes here and there led me to racking up about 15 mins each day without even trying and raising my heartrate actually made me happier.

That was really important to me after the birth of my 2nd son as I struggled to see the light some days, I can’t recommend exercise highly enough for boosting your mood. Even a tiny bit can help.

10 top tips on how to fit in some fitness:

  • It’s hard, but don’t sit down straight away after the kids are down for bed. Try doing some high intensity stuff for a few mins. This could be a quick set of 25 star jumps, 15 burpees or even just 20 push-ups (kneeling is fine for these).
  • You can fit in some exercise while you’re making your breakfast or the family dinner – lean on your kitchen worktop at an angle and do 12 push-ups. Repeat and complete 3 sets with a rest in between.
  • Walk on your tip toes around the house for as long as you possibly can. This exercise will increase your calf strength and ankle flexibility, as well as improving your overall posture and balance.
  • Insetad of putting your feet up as you're watching tv, try focusing on a muscle group. See how you can tense and engage your core while you're still sitting down. You could also work on some pelvic floor exercises.
  • Before you walk up the stairs, stand at the bottom step and do toe taps onto it for one minute. This is a hard and fast exercise that is a really great pulse raiser.
  • Give yourself a personal slot during the week for some alone outdoor exercise. This could be a 10 minute run around the block or a 30 minute fast walk. Being outside is an awesome head clearer for your mental health as well.
  • You don't have to be signed up to a 'fitness programme' or be sticking strictly to a diet to be aware of your body all the time. Working hard for little and often is very beneficial. Your muscles are able to remember the high intensity exercises and this will help to improve your overall fitness.
  • Instead of sitting at the dining room table reading a magazine, why don't you use the dining chair to your advantage. Complete 12 tricep dips, rest, and then 12 step ups with your alternate starting leg on the step ups. Rest and complete this set twice.
  • During your telly watching time, use a tv ad break to fit in some exercise! A quick, one set only of 20 press-ups, 20 squats, and 20 burpees is a good way of really raising your pulse!
  • Are the kids put down for bed? Take some time to relax with some yoga. Grab a yoga mat or towel and lay out flat on your back facing the ceiling. Close your eyes and think of only your breathing. Do this for 5 minutes minimum.

Always remember to get a little warm before doing any intense exercise and make sure you stop if you experience any pains.

After you’ve had a baby, ensure you’re signed off by your healthcare professional before embarking on any exercise at all.

Visit www.mummashealthhub.com to find out more and for your chance to order Jemma's Pack of Hacks (£12.95).


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