You and your body

You’ve been told to prepare for no more sleep and say goodbye to clean clothing but what else do you need to know about becoming a new parent? We know parenting isn’t easy but our Gurgle experts are here to help advise you on how to best look after your little ones and all their BIG needs.

the-a-z-of-relaxationYou and your body

The A-Z of relaxation

A whole alphabet's worth of de-stressing techniques and calming tools for maxed-out mums-to-be
the-mothers-day-presents-you-really-wantYou and your body

The Mother's Day presents you really want

Come on mama, you've earned it. Put your feet up and leave this webpage open in a visible spot
20-things-you-didnt-know-about-lady-bitsYou and your body

20 things you didn't know about lady bits

How much do you really know about, ahem, down there?
pram-a-sporter-get-fit-look-hotYou and your body

Pram-a-Sporter: Get fit, look hot

Up your gym game with fab activewear and accessories
could-having-a-baby-boost-our-brainsYou and your body

Could having a baby actually boost our brains?

New thinking suggests having a baby can actually boost your brain - and even make you better at your job
nordic-beautyYou and your body

Let it glow: Nordic beauty for winter skin

Winter wreaking havoc on your skin? Rebecca Howard Dennis explores the protective benefits of Nordic beauty products
no-bressureYou and your body

No bressure

Are portrayals of breastfeeding and a lack of information leaving us with unrealistic expectations?
beyond-baby-bluesYou and your body

Beyond baby blues

We need to talk about maternal mental health - and we need to talk about it now
secrets-of-the-a-list-trainersYou and your body

Secrets of the A-list trainers

Four fitness gurus tell how they helped their celebrity clients shape up post-birth and share their surprisingly doable tips
mums-suffering-anxiety-and-depression-in-silenceYou and your body

Mums suffering anxiety and depression in silence

One in three women are suffering depression and anxiety when pregnant, and over half from baby blues post-natal
benefits-of-meditation-pre-post-natalYou and your body

The benefits of meditation

From the first trimester to the delivery room, meditation could have huge benefits for you and your baby
sleep-tips-for-new-parentsYou and your body

Sleep tips for new parents

The Baby Show’s sleep expert offers her top tips for lulling the baby to the land of nod
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mums-share-tea-and-advice-in-britain-s-biggest-breastfeeding-cafe-initiativeYou and your body

Breastfeeding meet-ups get a big thumbs up!

Mums share tea and advice in Britain’s biggest Breastfeeding Café initiative
flat-outYou and your body

Flat out

New mattress company Hyde & Sleep is promising a great night’s sleep. What mama doesn’t need that medicine?
what-are-the-differences-between-postnatal-illnessesYou and your body

What are the differences between postnatal illnesses?

From baby blues to postnatal depression: the differences between them and where to get help

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