You and your body

You’ve been told to prepare for no more sleep and say goodbye to clean clothing but what else do you need to know about becoming a new parent? We know parenting isn’t easy but our Gurgle experts are here to help advise you on how to best look after your little ones and all their BIG needs.

10-dos-and-don-ts-for-safe-mum-exerciseYou and your body

10 dos and don'ts for safe mum exercise

We get expert tips to give you the top 10 dos and don'ts when it comes to post-pregnancy exercise
how-to-sculpt-arms-and-tone-your-tummyYou and your body

Sculpt arms and tone your tummy

We've teamed up with Vicky Warr to offer you a 20-minute Mamas Arms and Tummy toning video
how-to-enjoy-yoga-with-toddlers-in-towYou and your body

How to: Enjoy yoga with toddlers in tow

With the help of Cosmic Kids, Dawn Geddes and her little ones, try out some simple yoga
new-year-new-you-try-some-simple-exercisesYou and your body

Some easy new year fitness

Fitness expert Loretta Hourigan helps even the most unexperienced get a fitness routine this year
a-smart-workout-perfect-for-all-mumsYou and your body

A smart workout perfect for all mums

All the A-Lister mums have personal trainers to keep in shape and now, thanks to the internet, you can too!
5-beauty-basics-tips-to-help-revive-youYou and your body

5 beauty basics to help you feel more like your old self

We offer you five basic beauty tips to help revive the old you however a tired and weary mum you...
mums-here-s-how-to-get-fit-and-happyYou and your body

Mums, here’s how to get fit and happy

Zoe MacDonald gives you the tips on how you can get fit and get happy at the same time after...
how-pregnancy-hormones-affect-your-shapeYou and your body

How to get back in shape the healthy way

We’ve investigated the best ways to help you get your shape back
what-are-the-postnatal-depression-signsYou and your body

What are the postnatal depression signs?

Do you know the signs of postnatal depression? Would you know where to go for help?
smart-workout-perfect-for-mums-continuedYou and your body

Smart workout perfect for mums continued

More smart workouts designed for busy mums who have little time but still want to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness
pregnancy-sleep-tips-for-kate-georgeYou and your body

6 tips for a good sleep when pregnant with toddler in tow

Kate is expecting again, and now has to cope with pregnancy and a toddler! We offer some sleep tips
post-birth-contraceptionYou and your body

Post-birth contraception

After you've had your baby your health visitor starts asking you about birth control. Read about the pros and cons?
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mums-share-tea-and-advice-in-britain-s-biggest-breastfeeding-cafe-initiativeYou and your body

Breastfeeding meet-ups get a big thumbs up!

Mums share tea and advice in Britain’s biggest Breastfeeding Café initiative
flat-outYou and your body

Flat out

New mattress company Hyde & Sleep is promising a great night’s sleep. What mama doesn’t need that medicine?
what-are-the-differences-between-postnatal-illnessesYou and your body

What are the differences between postnatal illnesses?

From baby blues to postnatal depression: the differences between them and where to get help

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