You and your body

You’ve been told to prepare for no more sleep and say goodbye to clean clothing but what else do you need to know about becoming a new parent? We know parenting isn’t easy but our Gurgle experts are here to help advise you on how to best look after your little ones and all their BIG needs.

four-mums-on-tackling-the-baby-weight-p2You and your body

Four mums on tackling the baby weight p2

Continued: Wonder if you'll ever get back in your pre-baby jeans? Four mums share how they tackled the baby weight
tips-to-stay-healthy-when-breastfeedingYou and your body

Tips to stay healthy when breastfeeding

Elena Cimelli created Contented Calf for help on breasfeeding, here are her tips to stay healthy when breastfeeding
amazing-facts-you-never-knew-about-breastsYou and your body

25 amazing facts about your breasts

Did you know men could breastfeed? Discover some more incredible facts aboutcbreasts.
me-time-how-much-do-you-manage-a-dayYou and your body

'Me' time, how much do you manage a day?

Over a quarter of 1000 mums surveyed said they only get an average of eight minutes 'me' time a day
the-truth-about-stretch-marksYou and your body

The real truth about stretch marks

Are stretch marks hereditary or is it just luck of the draw?
12-things-no-one-tells-you-about-having-a-babyYou and your body

Things no one tells you about motherhood

The twelve things no one tells you about having a baby. Read our advice for first-time mums and mums-to-be.
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what-are-the-differences-between-postnatal-illnessesYou and your body

What are the differences between postnatal illnesses?

From baby blues to postnatal depression: the differences between them and where to get help
could-you-be-anaemicYou and your body

Could you be anaemic?

Feeling tired and irritable is normal when you’re pregnant/a new mum, but it can also be a sign of anaemia
20-reasons-having-a-baby-is-good-for-youYou and your body

20 reasons having a baby is good for you

From better memory (yes, really) to better health, a new baby can improve your life

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