Mother's Day: What mums really want

Mother's Day: What do mums really want?

With Mother's Day just around the corner, the shops are full of gift ideas from bath bombs to teddies, flowers and 'World's Best Mum' mugs but do mums really want these commercial gifts this year?


Our mums tell us what they are really hoping for this Mother's Day and there isn't a mum mug or box of chocolates in sight!

From breakfast in bed to quiet time with the family, our selection of mums say they are looking for a day to relax and enjoy their family this Mother's Day which is much more precious than any gift.

What is Jools' ideal Mother's Day?

"The perfect Mother's Day for me would have to be all four of my children spoiling me with their hand made arty cards they had made and a special treat of a cappuccino in bed when they wake me up, and of course it wouldn't be right without all their hugs and kisses <3 <3 <3."

Jools Oliver, Little Bird designer and mum to Poppy, 12, Daisy Boo, 11, Petal, five, and Buddy, three

What makes Mother's Day perfect for Joanna?

"My perfect Mothering Sunday is to wake up to large mug of Camomile tea and a warm far-too-sweet something that has been invented on the Aga that morning by my girls, to then be presented with an exotic homemade gift and card from each of them. We'll head to the Mothering Sunday service at our local church before heading over to meet Granny (my mother) and my sister for a delicious lunch. A perfect Mothering Sunday for me".

Joanna Jensen, founder of Childs Farm, mum to Bella, 9, and Emilia 6


Jenni Falconer's ideal Mother's Day?

"To spend time with my family. My husband, daughter and dog, Alfie, all mean the world to me and so as long as I'm with them on a day like that, I'm delighted. To make it perfect, I'd throw my mum and dad and brother and his family into the mix. And my sister-in-law and niece. I love being with my family and just wish we could all get together more often!"

Jenni Falconer, TV personality and mum to 3-year-old Ella

What makes Mother's Day special for Claire?

"My perfect Mother's Day gift would be a great family day out in the sunshine. We're an active bunch and it would be perfect spending some time with the entire family, having fun. Plus, it would be a great way of burning off the fabulous and indulgent meal someone would have made me too!"

Claire Benson, professional dancer and lead artist Creative Projects and Participation at Motionhouse and mum to Lola 13 months

A special day for Ashley would be...

"My perfect Mother's Day would be a relaxing day with my daughter and husband at home. It would start off with breakfast in bed for the three of us followed by a selection of pampering treatments and then quality time with my little girl. Gift-wise, I've got my eyes on the new Tanita BC-731 scales, for me this year is about getting fit and finally shedding the last of my baby weight."

Ashley Baker, marketing assistant and mum to Harlie, 3

Nifa really wants for Mother's Day...

"I would love to go out for lunch with my family (my husband, my daughters aged 8 and 6 and my son aged 19 months) where nobody spills any drinks, no one complains about their food, everyone is well behaved and my 19 month old stays in his high chair throughout the meal without wiggling or wanting to run around the restaurant. It's a big ask as we don't seem to get through any mealtime without some sort of drama!"

Nifa McLaughlin, Associate Editor of Gurgle Magazine and mum to Ivy, Poppy, Wilfie and a growing bump!


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